Myungsoo and do yeon dating

L (Kim Myung-Soo)

Key Mar 16 5: Sulsashaff Mar 14 1: Hsae Mar 13 It's very inspirable but the thing is I want him to be the leading man of krystal: Casper Girl Mar 06 I am your biggest fan. I'm your biggest fan and i love your singing and acting both. You are very charming too, whenever i watch your music videos i can see the way your expression is lot different than others when you dance and i love that expression.

I have never been to your concert so i really want to see you in real here in canada. Lormi Kate Feb 26 5: Since I heard infinite, I got interested of the group. I wanted to meet you, but it is too far away from here in the philippines. Silly for me to say it, because I am just only 14 years old, well I do not care, I will just vote for the group to win: Ivy Liew Feb 26 Ja Seng Pan Feb 06 5: Andrea Feb 04 9: I'm not that kind of girl who hangs poster in the walls, and I don't do those giving presents and treats.

I'm 19 years old now and I'm going to say that I hope you will make someone you love happy but don't do something so childish no girl will ever like you.

Im not trying to be mean , I just want other girls to understand what guys are like when you're close to them. L next time I see you don't make that face. He looks so good and is so funny and charming but he has no idea how to act. I really wouldnt want to watch a drama with him as the main lead. Byun Garam Jan 22 7: You are the best!!!!! Got everything in you.

Thank u for being an inspiration everyday. Keep acting and singing, become a role model to more people. Megumi Jan 16 In my lovable girl you are so excellent. Charry Jan 11 D Jan 09 1: Giso Jan 04 9: Myung Soo you're the best. You're so pretty and I love your voice Gerlie Nares Dec 23 I really like you so L.. I hope someday I will see you in personal and you will come here at the Philippines and the your group Infinite.

Jang Dec 14 9: I hope you'll come back here in the Philippines. Viktoria Dec 13 5: LoveYouMyungsoo Dec 11 Zoeii Kato Dec 09 4: Sanie Grace Bermudez Dec 01 5: Kim Na Ra Nov 29 4: Good luck for your future. Hsae Nov 25 Keep up with your acting. Hope you get a main role soon. Mijin Nov 20 2: ColourRain Nov 12 8: You are the only idol I know so far that looks good in anything and everything.

L's Nov 08 7: Shootingiron Nov 05 7: Totally smitten by your blond hair in My Lovely Girl altho I've watched you couple of times before. Anyway, glad to see that your acting has improved so much. Hyunsoo was good, Secretary Gil made me cringed a bit.

And I noticed that you improved your singing and dancing as well! Keep it up, myungsoo-ssi! Crazy fan of L Oct 31 6: I can't express my feelings toward u with words. I completely live within your world, my last hope is to meet u even once.

I really want to learn Korean to communicate with u,still i didn't get a chance to learn Korean,so i'll convey my feeling like this This is my first time to fall for a person. Love u 4ever even i can't meet u Nicki Oct 29 7: Yuna Hasashi Oct 26 I also loved your role in My Lovely Girl. I hope that you and krystal are the main characters. Mimi Oct 24 3: Starring you and Lee Ji Eun!! I cried when Byung Hee died!!

But it's still nice!! Ladybear Oct 22 4: But I'm hoping for Myungzy too!!!!!!!!!! Me Oct 18 2: Malin Oct 18 I really want Siwoo L to end up with Sena Krystal.

I really like his stagename: CCA Oct 18 1: I love his character and acting in "My Lovely Girl. Andrea Oct 09 4: I never see you in real life and I wanted to go to Korea one day to meet you and say: I wish to see you someday keep on being with Infinite. Glad to see you being the second lead male and OMG you are perfectly match with krystal - in that drama of course. Kim annie Oct 09 2: You can kill me with your smille, maybe that's what they called Killer Smile.

Hope to see you soon here in the Philippines or either should I travel to Korea someday. Ammy Oct 08 3: I love also Infinite, especially "Back"!!! Matey Oct 05 7: Angelie xiong Oct 05 4: Lots of helpful info in this article. Now i'm giving the item a number of close friends ans in addition sharing around tasty. And definitely, we appreciate you your effort!

KrystalJung Sep 26 6: Rathana Sep 18 7: OMFG you're becoming such an awesome idol naooo i cryyyyy looking forward to your new drama!!! Miaa Sep 06 5: MyLmyungsoo Sep 03 1: MyungStal Aug 10 5: MyungYeon Lovers Jul 22 Lyssa Jul 20 8: Keep it up Myungsoo oppaaa!

Inspirit Jul 18 5: Lhowella Aquino Jul 06 1: L Jun 23 Aiah Lei Fabay Jun 21 6: Kim Myung-Soo is very handsome: I wish u would come to America and come and have a concert! You are such a great actor and a great singer. Bogoshipda i hope you will visit here in the Philippines in the infinite's world tour. Inspirit vhea kate May 23 2: We will support infinite no matter what.

Nishat Thasnim Nisheen May 16 2: Kim mika May 15 I no Korean but I love k-pop Arianne Santos Apr 23 I really wish to see you in personal. I'm always dreaming about you. Charielaine Mhae Banglay Apr 23 6: Come visit here in the Philippines. I love your cutes eyes: Olivia L Inspirit Apr 19 6: I wish I can see you L Oppa Mine GuYs: I wish we meet in person, I love you and will love you forever Oppa come to Brisbane Australia please!

FPJ Apr 05 Wish I will meet you in person! L how to see you on the near future and please that day make pansin on me..

YnahRen Mar 13 Cejay Mar 13 2: Youre so so so Handsome oppa!

Jonna Ocariza Feb 28 8: KV Feb 20 You replaced my favorite Kpop, Kim Hyun Joong, in my heart. Stay handsome and humble. Pls take care of yourself. K Feb 13 Amel Feb 09 2: Airah Ishreen Feb 06 6: Jhensen So Ha'y Jan 21 9: LeeTaerin Dec 12 4: ScillaDH Dec 07 1: The best guy from Infinite.. He is the reason I keep up with the music.

EunMi Nov 29 4: KoreanLee Nov 20 He is always in my heart.

Ayu Harun Nov 12 Myungsoo'sWife Nov 12 7: Michelle Corciega Nov 03 7: I'm one of your beloved fans. I like your everything. Donna Nov 02 2: AlIce Oct 12 How I wish I could meet u personally,,,!!! Hyoe Oct 10 1: I will always love you! And don't listen to crazy stalker fans, because you should be able to date whoever you want! As long as you are happy, I will support you!

Abrina Sep 10 4: Yoon Lei Wah Sep 05 6: Jolina yuri kwon Sep 02 6: I am 17 year old. I like you very much. My name is Yoon Lei Wah. Queenie Aug 15 Honey Aug 15 2: He looks like a gangster..

I feel like I'm addicted to you!!!!!!!!! I'm just your simple fan I'm just a grade 8 high school but still I'm really a fan of yours!!!!!!! I will watch it promise May god bless you More concerts to come I will support you whatever happens!!! More world tours and albums. Diana Aug 08 7: I hope you're doing well! I'm looking forward to seeing you in Masters Son. Lkim7 Aug 06 6: Jacqueline Marquez Jul 31 1: I really hope that my future boyfriend would be like you Aiman syafiqah Jul 30 4: I love you so much!!!!!!!

I love you so much. Utciha Ayuchie Jul 30 2: Aiman Syafiqah Jul 26 8: Malak Jul 24 9: AinaAyubeidris Jul 21 2: You drive me crazy with your looks and your romantic voice.

I just look through Infinite new song. And,now I know that Myung Soo is my destiny.. You are my ichiban! I wish i can see you in person.

I love your newest song. Hyunhae Choi May 09 Apr 15 5: Forever eLements Mar 12 7: X Jeongmal, neomu neomu saranghaeyo: Cath Mar 12 4: Feb 11 I would use all the languages in the world to express my love 4 u!!! Kryst'L Jan 20 9: Myungsoo's meant to look serious and quiet, but he's actually quite loud and outgoing, especially when you get him laughing.

He's pretty hilarious too, especially when he's flustered and worked up. And he's a really sweet boy who cares a lot about the fans too. I am your no. I wish i could see you in person. Oppa you have a cute voice. And your so handsome,cute. Saranghae kim myung soo oppa. Iris Dec 05 Grangeroxox Dec 04 9: In Jin Bo Nov 04 1: Kay Sep 26 6: I love your tounge. I love your eyes. I love your nose. Homaigod I love all about you Myungsoo oppa! Mharcyiaa Sep 01 8: Cynthia Aug 23 2: You're my eternal role model.

In singing, acting, entertaining, and most of all, photography. Saving up for a full-frame digital SLR, in you honor. Hope to see more of you, in everything that you do.

Divina Jul 20 I really love you're voice and you're so good in dancing. I am a fan of you also for the Infinite,keep up your good works and hope to see you soon. MyRa Jul 13 9: She's the true Heroin for me. I really hope that the prince would eventually love her back. Rhye Jul 01 1: For me,that's the admirable thing. Nick Beacham-Watts Jun 30 6: Yoon So-hee is doing an admirable job with this part she is a young actress with lots to learn but I'm sure she is committed she's given up a prommissing academic career to act her character and her acting have saved this drama from bobing.

I completely agree with Ayushi Jain's thoughts. Ayushi Jain Jun 30 5: She thought me a new definition of love.

L (Kim Myung-Soo) - AsianWiki

She shows love at one time and competency another time. She doesn't hate Crown Prince for not loving her. She gave hint to Ga Eun that Crown Prince is not the real culprit behind her father's death. She should get an award for her acting. Sweetxcape Jun 30 SoHee1Fan Jun 29 Her Magnificent acting is one of a kind and she doesn't make me bored with her character.

Week after week she keeps bring new flavors to her character and I love it. She shows how love can be one way n not only two ways which is totally fine. Her vision of love really touches my heart as she is not afraid to fight or put her life in danger for the one she loves.

Lastly, she shows us week after week how to love someone without being creepy lol?. Nana Jun 29 3: Master of the mask". Although she is the 2nd lead actress, I totally fell in love with her acting skills compared to the lead!!! Maya Jun 27 I love the way she talks its so feminine??? Can act competently too. Natsu Jun 06 6: She is so beautiful, fighting!

Rosy Chan May 29 Her character Hwa Goon in Ruler Master of the mask is interesting! Hope her acting is improved! Anderson May 27 Oh my God every time she was on the screen I would be just drooling.

She is a good actress too! Hope she's a good and humble person too in real life! Honey May 25 It's a compliment to my part guys because I find her effective, but maybe she must improve some of her face gesture cause its annoying.

Yoon So-Hee - AsianWiki

May 19 1: Teresa May 19 4: I like her compared to her companion named Kim So Hyun And I found out she's really a genius Hoping, Yoon So Hee take one of the lead role someday Iloveallidols May 17 Risyacha May 13 3: The drama with yook sung jae and moon geun young? Oligoon May 11 2: In some photo i can't see the different. Woah, i have a dream to study there. SM ceo Apr 18 1: I don't know why,but I have a feeling Kim so hyun is still cute girl to acting those roles.

But she's so talented,no doubt. Vid Mar 30 9: Yoon So Hee Fan?? Mar 29 7: I don't know how.

I loved her with Giraffe Lee Kwang Soo. It was funny how they both couldn't go over the "Pull Up the Girl over the bar" I don't remember the game but it was funny to me. I think it is episode U guys have watch it!! Grace Mar 23 7: She really look like Park Shi Yeon. Angelin Mar 21 NJH wife Mar 15 2: Dreamer Jan 17 5: I can't wait for their chemistry!!! Karen Khoo Jan 08 8: So i'm looking forward to it.

Hirashix Jul 30 5: Andrew Carter Jul 15 Park Hye Rim May 18 2: She is drop dead gorgeous. K May 01 3: She is great in Memory. I will watch other dramas she is in soon.

YoonSoHui Fan Apr 28 7: Jeremy Apr 13 When you looked at her eyes it so captivating. I love her so innocent but sexy look. Very angelic like Park shin hye. Jellian Rose Jordan Apr 09 1: It makes me cry.

Jess B Apr 07 5: Looking forward to discovering more of your filmography! Kylla Apr 01 Shay2nt9 Mar 21 5: Episode with Hani and Yerin? Shin Makki Mar 16 3: KAIST has a such a beautiful, talented, and smart student like her.

Akire Jan 01 2: She really do look like Park Si-Yeon. It's like they're twins. D Both of them are beautiful. Phuong Thao Dec 20 Jimmy Nov 08 7: May be it was because of the story that her acting was magnified.

But the latest Secret door drama, she is really bad. Not my favorite actress anymore. I wish she would have done better in secret door drama, since Je-hoon and the king were both amazing actors!

Mail required but will not be published. Kim Nov 03 9: I'v been a fan for a long time and i cant still get over his my first and last kpop crush? MyungLjjang Sep 30 That's why when I was watching him acting in a ruler drama I was so curious because his voice or let me say his voice is like an anime.. Gosh I was so amaze because he is really a japanese I hope that you will have another drama PinkTere Sep 06 8: Btshartu Jul 29 1: JPatB Jul 16 7: Some scenes just stay with you forever.

I thought they are going to be paired again in the drama Ruler of the Mask. It turned out to be love triangle for the casts.

Keep doing a good job L. Well done L,and have to say you're too handsome to be real. Sameeksha May 26 8: I just love u and I further want to watch u in a lot of roles. Kim min jin May 11 5: Lela Apr 29 7: Pauline Grace Montecer Apr 28 I Love him because he is a great actor and a very talented man?

Other people must not consider only his looks but also his talents. I'm proud that I am his fan. I will support you forever no matter what? He's so talented not only as idol but also as actor.

People should stop saying about only his looks,because he isn't a ordinary kpop guy. He's talented in many categories including photography. He call as "man god gave him everything"for a reason.

Nicharpat Chanphen Apr 11 2: Myungsoo Apr 11 I still believe he needs to improve his acting. I hope his new drama will help him. Farah Jean timbreza Mar 05 7: Love to watch him. Carmela Tionko Jan 13 7: I love your acting L's acting has improved so much. You are the best actor And singer for Me keep it up?

I like when time you protect the girl in a way that has no one there Michelle Nov 19 9: I would love to watch a drama that has him as a heroine. Chat Nov 12 7: L Kim Nov 08 9: Meghna Nov 02 4: I watching web drama "Want to protect you one more time" now. And really proud of him.. I heard he will play web drama "Black Cat" soon. Almesiavie Oct 25 1: Carltissa Oct 24 6: I just want you to know that I'm deeply love you!!!

Yeah, it sounds corny but it's true. I have lot of pictures and videos of yours. I hope we'll meet soon in person and Hope you will read this. Saranghae Myungsoo my baby, my love, my happiness. Rae na Oct 11 2: So keep acting of dramas espacially main characters ok.

KULA Sep 14 8: Dongwoo Sep 02 1: I am a huge fan of yours and wish you all the best in the future, whether it may be about your career, personal life or something else.

If you somehow read this comment please do also relay my words of support to the other members of Infinite, as wishes of future success does apply to them as well. Dongwoo-oppa, Sunggyu-oppa, Hoya-oppa, Woohyun-oppa, Sungyeol-oppa, Sungjong-oppa and Myungsoo-oppa, I love you all and I can barely wait for your comeback! Pabandi Aug 31 6: I'll wish you all the best for your new song.

Elli Aug 30 2: Kim Jessel Aug 28 9: I hope you will read this , I want you to know that I do really Love you.. You really driving me crazy always.. I pray to GOD that you will really read this: Joyce Ann Jul 06 8: I hope you will read this.. Your a good actor. Your so cute when you smiling.. I hope your Love Life will give you a true happiness.. You and Suzy Bae Relationship before will back together again. Until the right time come to both of you..

I hope she will be your Forever! I will always supporting you.. And always love your work because is it give you more happiness.. You have a excellent talent! Yanyan Jul 01 Oppa your a wonderful singer and actor. Keep the good work and I always supporting you. Take care always and I hope we meet someday. Yenny L Jun 05 2: Or the drama changes the title? Waiting to see the update in here. Coz i already so excited to think that L will be playing as a lead role of 1 movie and 2 drama this year.

What a super happy year to wait for. I hope everything you do will be a HUGE success. Marie jo May 29 3: CK May 23 1: So excited for youuu! Crystal choong Apr 15 9: Maria Geofrey Apr 11 5: Dinushi Dananjani Mar 25 Fuchsia kpooooppppp Mar 24 6: Nano Mar 16 9: Zeihr Mar 12 8: I really like your dimple and smile

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