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Dating a Divorced Man – Should You Go Out with Divorced Men

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Dating a guy getting a divorce Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated. Meet singles at DateHookup. If he is living with her I would tell him to forget it. Wait until he shows you the divorce papers, otherwise you will head for disaster and whatever comes your way may be nothing but trouble.

If he isn't divorced yet, there's a reason. Most likely he isn't on here to wait to meet someone to get a divorce. Do you know what I'm saying? When I ran another woman out of my house she's yelling at me "he told me he was divorced".

I had just had a child and there was no talk of any divorce, separation etc I wonder if she would have thought that too long to wait?? I was a "night light" once, wouldn't wish it on anyone. A lil background, I have been seperated since Nov of '06, when I made the decision to move out, and leave her and thre kids in the house which I still pay for, yes, but not doing so is considered "abandonment" in many family courts, as I was the main bread winner. Divorce as many of you know is a touchy and messy thing.

I am doing mine Pro Se, meaning I am my own attorney. It saves a buttload of money and I make all the decisions based on what I want, how I feel, and what works for me. So , yeah, it takes time As far as being a "seperated" guy who is getting a divorce.

I understand the reluctance to date a guy like me. But understand that I left, I have moved on, and so has she. I shouldve left 2 years before I did. Certain circumstances prevented this. Get to know me and I'll explain em to ya, but otherwise, there were tough calls to make, but they were made, and I am better for it. So when I did leave, I left all my feelings for her at the door when I walked out. I was truly ready when I finally did it. I will NOT go back We realized we werent meant to be,,, the writing on the wall was so clear, we just never bothered to read it.

We are better parents than lovers, better acquaintenaces than partners. To jeopordize that for some clouded dream that we could possibly make it work again is just ludacris!!!! I want to move on and start the next chapter of my life.

I feel no reason to wait until my divorce is finalized. I make no attempt to hide my real status, and my profile states exactly what the deal is.

Take it or leave it. Ya wanna see the divorce papers? Sure, I'll show em to ya. But understand I dont do the jealousy thing, so tread lightly with the "not trusting" thing. I have no problem earning your trust, but it works both ways and I expect to be treated with respect, not a cloud of doubt hanging over me whenever I walk in the room.

Again, I have no reservations about meeting, dating another woman. Emotionally I'm ready and able. Question is, is she ready? Or will she bail at the first sign of turbelance?? Perhaps this will shed some light on it for others considering this. Being a "seperated" or "divorcing" guy isnt always a sign that they are looking to get a peice on the side.

Heck, I had a girl's ex Google my name, contact my soon-to-be ex and try to bag me, claiming he was concerned for his kids sake, which I did meet. LOL, I think his plan backfired, as I'm sure he was thinking he was gonna expose me. Not living with her either. He keeps asking her to get going on the paperwork as this is what she wanted - she left him last year to "find herself" so she said.

I agree with that. We accidentally found each other on here. We met one night and it was like we never left each other. We have sooooo much in common including the fact that we both have moved back to the towns we were in back in school. I am just worried that if I give him the needed space to get over things that I'll loose him. I know if it's real or meant to be then he will stay, but I know he is hurt, but he also pulls me in closer until he feels like he's getting close, then he backs away.

I'd say you already know what the right thing to do is but your looking for someone to tell you that it's ok to do the opposite. Yes wait for him to get divorced.. Some men just say they are unhappy and waiting for divorce.. I know a woman that waited five years and there were always excuses.. Not sure anyone would have wanted to wait that long, and I wouldn't have blamed them. You have to protect yourself. While there are no guarantees in any relationship, it pays to be careful.

Oh my divorce took 6 months in Cali depends where you live and if there are kids etc. I know what I would do and its probably wrong but I would follow my heart after hearing that you knew him years ago etc. I'm just so confused. I have been out of the dating scene for about 10 years while I raised my child and find it's time to get back in and not be alone the rest of my life.

It's really lonely and when he is grown up and move on, I don't want to be alone. The guy in question, does not share kids with his ex wife - their house is up for sale and supposedly they both have move on. He is taking me to his sisters wedding this weekend to introduce me to the family - he is fine with this, it's me that is worried.

I have been so hurt, mentally, physically and verbally abused by my sons father 10 years ago that I am fearing any kind of hurt or rejection - not saying he would do this to me as I have known him from the past, however From a guys point of view, as woman just can not possibly answer how a guy looks at these kinds of things Please don't take it personally to all the woman who are trying to help me You know I do like all opinions male and female.

My son has already met him and because he has not contact with his own sperm donor, he will fall hard for any guy that gives him any attention Alot of water under the bridge there.

In the end, if you have doubts, there is a reason. Go with your gut instincts. Are your morels buried in a can somewhere, dating a married man anyway? Call it off till he gets his divorce and don't hold your breath a lot and i mean a lot of people claim to be going to get a divorce because a lot of people have no morels and will date them if they think that later on they will get divorced. If he's such a great guy why is he dating someone while he s married?????

I met a great guy on here and realllllly like him, however Is he living with her or moved out? He wasn't available to begin with It is a very good idea to "finish" a "project" before "starting" another.

Well, I dont know you, or the guy you speak of, but I will defend the "Seperated Male" stance here, as I am one He has been seperated from her for about a year now. If you have to ask Well my cousin was married 20 yrs and she split with her ex and met her child hood sweet heart she was not divorced at the time and is now married to her old school sweetheart and they are very happy.

If you lose him, was he ever really yours to lose? I agree with you and appreciate the feed back. Dyezah, I want to feel that he was 20 years ago You've got to think though. Well as for me I meet a guy in April 06 that had just left his wife in Feb 06 and had not yet gotten the divorce Tell me, if you want a million dollars does that mean you already have it? I started dating again before my divorce was final. I started once I was physically separated, and actually had a bit of a celebration with a date when I was legally separated shortly therefter 5 weeks later.

But, I made it clear that a I was separated, but not yet divorced, and that b I would not become intimate with someone I dated until my divorce was final there was a 90 day waiting period, but the property settlement and parenting plan were complete. These are easily verifiable facts. I further pointed out that c my STBX and I were emotionally divorced for years, d had only been intimate about a half-dozen times in the past seven years my choice, really , e we both wanted the divorce, f I had never been unfaithful.

My potential date could decide if she wanted to continue to see me under these conditions. Some did, some didn't.

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  1. We met and had a nice time and he was holding my hands and even tried to go for that first kiss while we were in the cab as he was droping me off.

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