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Red Headed Men: Ginger Beards!!

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Why Men Have Redheaded Beards | How to be a Redhead

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Infact alot of men find it sexy. But many woman don't seem to find red haired men attractive. So woman, do you hate it, or love it and explain why. The way the sun shines on it like a new penny is just beautiful. I suppose I love it because it's unique. There aren't very many red haired men.

But they are usually very fair skinned, which isn't so good I'm even partial to red sorrel horses. My 1 man is a redhead I haven't had much luck in finding a single one that I can date.

If there is an attraction, there's an attraction. They avoid the light like Vampires. Some can exist in the day and we call them Daywalkers. It burns us to a crisp in 5 minutes! I am usually attracted to darkhaired men. He was the first redhaired man I ever dated, but he may not be the last! As a fellow red haired person, I know the pain of being a ginger both my sisters are blondes.

No one ever forgets the redhead. We get blamed for everything because we are the ones people remember It took me years to finally appreciate the redhair, but I love it now. Take pride in it For me the 'Darker the Better'! You seem to be really cute yourself. But when I grew up. The few red-hair boys in my neighborhood seem to be always very sickly looking and allergic to everything!

I am a Reddish-Brown myself But thats just me, and i think its only cuz i have red hair I love redheads so much that I made myself one! Nothings better than a natural redhead, though, sadly, I can't say I've ever dated one. We are really by ourselves in this. Redhead women have no problems. Personally if I could I would take another hair colour. I'm going to say it. I don't like being a redhead. They were, almost to the last one, either extremely, painfully shy I will never forget one of my favorite students.

Rory was the exception to the rule. Besides I would never snub a guy because of his hair color. Girls, whats your view on red haired men?? I know red haired woman don't have problems. Okay, I'm not a girl but a mature woman and let me tell ya, I love an auburn haired mature man. OP, I adore redhaired men! And I might add, if they are Irish or Scottish, all the better.

Love 'em - can't find enough of them! Hair color is pretty far down on my list of "important factors to consider about a man before dating him.

Gingers have no soul. Let's see, where'd it go I'm a sucker for the red heads. Red is gorgeous, forget penis envy My most recent bf has very thick, wavy, auburn hair, and I liked to run my hands through it.

Love the red haired guys! Ok, I will be the first one to say it Being that im a red haired gal- i usually dont find myself attracted to guys with red hair. Love them, and I have to agree with above poster! Yeah I hate it when a redhead guy gets snubbed by their female counterparts. I'm with the others here who love the redheaded guys! I have only come in contact with a couple red haired men in my life.

I love red hair on a guy.

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