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For three months, event planner Lyn Michaels-Carden, has taken out ads in city publications, gotten interest from radio, and placed flyers in The Music Grill where the events will ultimately be held to get the word out about Speed Dating - with little success. So far, she hasn't held her first event, though one is imminent, she said this week.

It's not like I'm bashing Savannah, because I adore it, but it's a conservative city. It just makes it a little more challenging when you're trying to start something unheard of. For the unfamiliar, here's how Speed Dating works: The women take their place at individual tables and the men join them for seven minutes of small talk.

Once the time is up, the men move on to the next table. All the while, the participants take notes on each other and, at the end of the night, select the winners from the duds. If two individuals have independently chosen each other, organizers later swap their contact information.

A far cry from the blind dates of old, the concepts has nonetheless proven to be a hit across the country and the globe. Could it be that Savannah isn't yet ready for this modern day matchmaking phenomenon?

However, she's not surprised Speed Dating organizers are having difficulty cultivating interest. Savannah, as a city, has a very traditional mindset, she said. But the idea does have some merit. Others interviewed were dubious of spending only seven minutes with a prospective date, while others bristled at the idea of paying to do so. His girlfriend, Ashley Mize, 21, said, "If you had just moved here, it would be a great way to meet people. Savannah just seems very young. But that hasn't stopped a pair of sisters based in Myrtle Beach and Marietta from attempting to enter the Savannah Speed Dating market.

Express Dating Network, which hosts events in Charleston and Myrtle Beach, had hoped to begin hosting events in Savannah this month. So far, no date has been set. A lot of people may not find a date, but they find a friend. Wilson said she's heard about Speed Dating in other cities and said it sounds fun, but not really a serious way to meet someone. Dawn Cahill, 23, was more optimistic about Speed Dating taking off -- mainly for one reason: When she goes out, Cahill said she meets guys who are great for one date, drink too much, or are gay.

Unlike others, she said she'd probably try the concept once and isn't turned off by the abbreviated set up. With little interest from single Savannahians, Speed Dating organizers must maneuver a major road block. Saturday, May 17,

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  1. Abercorn Street in Savannah, GA. Express Dating Network, which hosts events in Charleston and Myrtle Beach, had hoped to begin hosting events in Savannah this month.

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