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'Donnie Does' on his experience in a Chinese jail

For those who find the videos disrespectful towards China and the Chinese, Etkind repeatedly states that the focus of his satire lies elsewhere. The point is to make fun of Donnie, not China. I would say that my fan base is mainly expats, but there are Chinese fans who really seem to appreciate the videos. In the past he has received messages from Chinese fans telling him to take the character even further, suggesting that racially charged comments might grab a wider audience.

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I think it creates a cool dynamic to see how Chinese people react to that. Beyond comedy Donnie Does brings some real issues in contemporary China to the forefront.

One of his videos comically exposes the reality of profits being placed over quality in Chinese schools and training centers. Under qualified teachers are sent into classrooms solely because they are white every single day in China. Amongst all the cheap laughs, plenty of thought provoking questions are asked.

'Donnie Does' on his experience in a Chinese jail – That’s Shanghai

Etkind is now focusing on his clothing invention the Suisey, a profitable bi-product of his Donnie fame. If you never ask for permission you will find that you are pretty much able to do most things.

Etkind was recently thrown in cuffs and charged with trespassing after sneaking into the ACC Championship game and attempting to walk on field with the band.

Your meesage went through! Related Articles Read more from Feature Stories.

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Meet Our New Metro. The crowd loved it. The Shanghai Sharks staff loved it. And it was obvious that the media loved it too: So as soon as my interview was over, a group of cops cornered me in the hallway and talked amongst themselves about what to do. Their main concern was how to talk to me none of them could speak English and they eventually had to bring in the one of the Shanghai Sharks employees to explain the situation:.

Even the Sharks staff all like the level of enthusiasm you brought. But, you know China, they have so many rules… So look, the cops are going to have to follow protocol and take you to the police station.

I was put in the back of a cop car no handcuffs, but another cop did accompany me in the back seat and they drove me to the nearest police station.

Watch: Donnie goes on a Chinese dating show, shenanigans ensue: Shanghaiist

At the station, they placed me in front of the cells, but not actually in one. Then the policemen proceeded to crush cigarettes and drink tea until they could find a cop that could speak English. I decided to do the next best thing and make history, by taking the first-ever Instagram photo of a Chinese jail cell. I used the Kelvin Filter, which is apparently regarded by most people as the worst Instagram filter.

I apologize for that. It was one of my first times using the app. Finally they found a cop who could speak English. He came up to me and asked some simple questions, like where I live and my name. Then we had this gem of a conversation:.

What Donnie Does - An interview with Donnie

Sprung out of jail in under 15 minutes. Unfortunately, the Sharks still ended the season second-to-last in the league, with a record of And you can quote me on that. For better or worse there is always a HUGE double standard. Click here to read more about his antics. Donnie Does Zach Etkind. The notorious Donnie from the 'Donnie Does' web series hops aboard a boat and cruises the Huangpu with China's gigolo scene.

By clicking on Sign up, you agree with our Privacy Policy. Don't have an account? Click here to sign up. Donnie Does's YouTube Channel. Donnie Does - YouTube. The original first season that started it all. Donnie Does China Facebook. At some point in early , I woke up in Shanghai, China after blacking out If You Are the One game show - Wikipedia, the free Loosely based on the Donnie Does - World News.

Donnie Does Beijing Cream. This video begins with the text: Donnie Does hasn't shared anything on this page with you. Calendar; Translate; Mobile; Books; Wallet World Star Hip Hop. First of all…take it easy. I know I have been slacking with the posts…. One-night stands, sibling squabbles and 'psycho' men: UM seeks upper hand in recruiting Onwenu. Detroit King's Donnie Corley, considered by many to be the state's top He does not have a Michigan offer yet, but it would ….

Don't believe the Malik Newman to Kentucky Wildcats rumors yet. And it does not take a stretch of the imagination to say that this Will his body hold up, or does his skill shine Others had been former Ford, which improved to overall, league, also received 17 points from Alex Ott, while Donnie Schuster chipped in 12 points.

With the undefeated No. Will Stoudemire help the Mavs? Dear Jermaine O'Neal, time is running to play for the Mavericks. Keep me logged in Don't have an account? May, 19 Dimensions: Exclusive Access Start following this video and watch its growth, daily. Donnie gives Chinese TV a second go in hopes of finding true love. If you want to be the first to know when you can get a suisey check out signup. You need to sign in to comment on this video. Donnie, from the boy band New Kids On The Block, and Hollywood actor Mark affectionately call their brother Paulie, while producing and starring in … bosoxinjection.

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