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Richard Fowler and Peter Kinder have each made a difference in their respective professional roles, making them welcome additions to a board of trustees dedicated to moving Hildene forward. To learn more about Hildene visit www. As a central Illinois lawyer himself, the author knows the 8th Judicial Circuit well. Thus he is able to articulate why it shaped Lincoln significantly.

During this important time he came to understand the thinking behind both positions, further mastering the art of articulating his own anti-slavery beliefs in a manner that could bring those listening over to his way of thinking.

History makes it clear that Lincoln never shied away from, and in fact encouraged, civil discourse while discussing the most difficult issues of his time.

Fraker will extract from his book examples of specific ways in which, years after his death, Abraham Lincoln still leads by example, providing models for civil civic discourse, many applicable to the fractured political environment that surrounds Americans today. This Hildene program begins at 6: The 45 minute presentation will be followed by a 15 minute question and answer period.

Is civil discourse necessary for civil society? At the gathering of family, friends, educators, and Hildene supporters, Chairman of the Hildene Board of Trustees, Ken Moriarty, and Hildene Executive Director, Seth Bongartz, recognized each of the four honorable mentions.

The stage was then set for the first, second and third place winners to present their winning essays. The content of the essays was not made public until the luncheon.

Even seemingly uncivil actions such as protests are attempts to provoke a civil exchange of ideas. Anthony, to express their political views and to protest. However these women were trying to bring important changes to our society for women. Sometimes in a civil society, planned, nonviolent protests bring attention to unjust situations and offer opportunities for discussion.

Their essays can be viewed online in their entirety at www. You are the twenty first century!

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The winners of the Hildene Lincoln Essay Competition were selected from entries submitted by eighth grade public, independent and home study students coming from 30 Vermont schools. The young essayists drew inspiration from a wide range of sources to come to their conclusions from research to personal experiences. These experiences included town meeting, classroom debates, role models both contemporary and historical, school based programs that address differences, and observations of the dysfunction in government that results from the absence of civil discourse.

To learn more about Hildene, visit www. The Hildene Award is given to Vermonters who have made extraordinary contributions in the areas of land conservation or historic preservation.

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The inaugural award was bestowed on Senator James Jeffords in for his work helping to preserve the Civil War battlefields upon which Vermonters fought. Darby Bradley will be feted by family, friends and colleagues at a luncheon in his honor at Hildene on Sunday, July 15 at Darby will retire next year and Hildene believes it is the right time to both recognize his lifelong achievements and provide a time and place for the public to show their gratitude for his work.

Bradley will announce his project of choice at the luncheon. Following appropriate tributes from his colleagues, those in attendance are invited to the unveiling of markers memorializing James Jeffords and Darby Bradley.

This celebration is open to the public. The winners of the Hildene Lincoln Essay Competition were selected from entries submitted by eighth grade public, independent and home study students from 21 Vermont schools. Through this process we also hope to instill awareness of the responsibility each of us has to do our part to make our community, our state, our country and even the world a better place. About what wrong in need of righting, or what opportunity to make a difference, do you feel passionately enough to try to do something to make your community, your state, your country or even the world a better place?

The first, second and third place winners will read their essays and receive their awards. Winners will be awarded the following prizes in Consistent with its mission: Values into Action, Hildene has expanded environmental programming and has a plan to address the needs of both the programs and the habitats that are used. This effort to make the pond more accessible is based on the belief that the most effective way to teach about fragile ecosystems is to provide children and adults respectful ways to experience them up close.

Whether for education, contemplation, exercise or simply to be outdoors, these spaces will be available for generations to come to enjoy and it is the generosity of donors and foundations like deCoizart that makes this possible.

Hildene is open daily from 9: To learn more visit www. More than years ago, agriculturalist, J.

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Sterling Morton founded Arbor Day with the simple idea of setting aside a special day for tree planting. An idea that Hildene believes is more important than ever. These trees populate the arboretum in front of the Welcome Center. The children will assist in planting the young Hawthorn trees that will one day be woven together pleached to restore this special walkway to its intended and original shape as a covered path. After the students help to plant a tree, each will receive a sugar maple seedling to take home for planting.

Hawthorns are quite thorny making them more difficult to plant at home. The Arbor Day Program is free.

Victorian Era Victorian Fashion History, Costume Social History.

Each year the number of participants has grown, so this year teachers can register for either a Classes are also welcome to stay for a picnic lunch. The sessions fill up quickly so registration is required. To register email Stephanie hildene. On Saturday, April 7, author and historian, Jason Emerson, will launch the tour for his new book, Giant in the Shadows: The Life of Robert T.

Lincoln at the Manchester, Vermont home of the presidential son and captain of industry. Emerson will present on the book and take questions in the Beckwith Room at Each presentation will be followed by a book-signing in The Museum Store.

Lincoln in more than four decades. Giant in the Shadows is the missing chapter of the Lincoln family story and its pages are flush with never-before published photographs. The work provides new insight into historical events and more than simply a biography, it is a tale of American achievement in the Gilded Age and the endurance of the Lincoln legacy. To learn more about this author presentation, that is free and open to the public, call Stephanie at For information on Hildene visit www.

The Lincolns were often reluctant to leave Hildene as autumn waned and as a result the family celebrated several Christmases here. During this festive season they had their own holiday traditions, and for the past three decades countless families have made a visit to Hildene festooned for Christmas a tradition as well. This year from December 1 through January 2 the house will be decorated and staged as though it were Christmas Eve, , one of the years Robert, Mary and family spent the holidays at their Vermont retreat.

From the candlelit windows, winterberries and greenery that greet guests at the port cochere to the center hall yuletide floral arrangement, bursts of evergreen fastened with burgundy satin ribbon and a Christmas tree replete with Victorian ornaments, a sense that the family is preparing for Christmas morning has been created.

Greeting cards, stockings hung on the mantle, wrapped parcels and even the menu for Christmas dinner portend of wonderful things to come on Christmas day. During regular hours, 9: For a complete schedule of holiday music at The Lincoln Family Home visit www.

The spirit of the season abounds in this historic place where the aroma of hot apple cider and fresh cider doughnuts wafts through the air. Add the crisp fragrance of pine boughs, the sounds of the season and Vermont specialty food tastings and the mood is set for a unique holiday shopping experience. Visitors will find distinctive items for holiday gift giving that are sure to please young and old alike, from Victorian Era ornaments and holiday cards to choices for children from books to bees.

All conspire to create a unique holiday shopping experience.

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Adding to the festive atmosphere will be live period music including George Haggerty on dulcimer from On Sunday, December 18 from 1: Sunday, December 4 will also be the last day for guesstimating the amount of Lincoln pennies in the big jar.

Winners in two categories: The winner in the youth category will receive a check for half the amount of pennies in the jar. Members, volunteers and youth under 6 are free. Hildene is closed on Thanksgiving and December 24 and This is a special place on the Lincoln family estate where harvesting and giving go hand in hand. The annual effort combines the collective energy and time more than hours of a small but dedicated group of volunteers whose goal is to put food on the tables of those in need.

So although the vegetable garden is already asleep for the winter, the memory of what was achieved there remains fresh and is worthy of note here. The harvest included beans, broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers, kale, lettuce, peas, peppers, squash and a bumper crop of tomatoes for the Community Food Cupboard. The tomato plants were the big surprise this year, seemingly thriving in their newly constructed cages and producing a record pounds of the vegetable. Thrive is what volunteers and vegetables alike do in the Plant A Row Garden.

Representatives from each historic site focuses on what makes their particular Lincoln site unique, how it shaped the future president, its mission and how the site is advancing the Lincoln legacy. Abraham and Mary moved into this house when their first son, Robert, was an infant. Townsend earned his BA in history from St. In , President Clinton declared the Lincoln Cottage and 2. Hildene expanded its typical offering of four themed lectures to five, in order to give attendees a close up look at this important national monument.

The 45 minute presentation will be followed by a 15 minute question and answer period and all are free and open to the public.

The Museum Store will be open before and after each lecture. Plentiful parking is available. For further information please call Stephanie at As part of a national kick off for the multi-year sesquicentennial commemoration of the Civil War the National Park Service is retracing this famous journey. Central to the celebration was an address delivered by Fritz Klein, widely considered to be the foremost Lincoln re-enactor in the country.

Klein has been portraying the 16th president for more than three decades. At the request of Weible, Bongartz and Dunham brought the Amos King bible from the Hildene exhibit to be displayed at the event. The inscription is dated March 4, , the day of the inauguration. It may well have been important to them because it was given by a comparatively humble person. That says a lot about Lincoln. She even offered several scenarios for how this may have happened logistically.

In short, this important artifact is connected to the inaugural journey that was being celebrated in Albany and Hildene was honored to be a part of the event.

The event which focuses on relevant Civil War history surrounding this particular date begins at 2: March 4, marks the th anniversary of this momentous occasion. To learn more about this event, contact Bill McKone at The bible that Amos King gave to President Lincoln is on permanent display at Hildene and is currently a part of the exhibit: Abraham Lincoln and the Second Inaugural. Hildene, The Lincoln Family Home is open daily from 9: The exposure this type of recognition in the literary world garners for books, their authors and publishers is significant.

It honors not only the author, Whitney Stewart and illustrator, Laine Dunham, but the President himself for an act of personal kindness previously unknown until the author uncovered her storyline in a most unexpected way.

This story of life in the White House with the 16th President is a newly revealed piece of his legacy. The painting that Carpenter was working on in the story was made into an engraving. Lincoln ordered and paid for print 1 but died before the work was completed.

Hildene guests can purchase Mr. The next Hildene Winter History Series lecture commences at 7: Representatives from each of these well-known historic sites will focus on what makes their particular Lincoln home unique, how it shaped the future president, its mission and how the site is advancing the Lincoln legacy. Presenter Thompson has served in 12 National Park Service areas during his career spanning 32 years with the famed U.

All of the above speakers are passionate about history and the role the site they represent played in the life of the President. Acquired in after an exhaustive two year cross country search, the 65 foot executive car played a role in the histories of three U. In the heyday of the nearly year history of the company, more than , people across the U. Thus Sunbeam will be treated as the celebrity it is with an old fashioned parade on June 4 that will take the car south on Route 7A into Manchester Village and down the entrance road at Hildene.

Site preparation has begun and planning for a daylong hometown style celebration at Hildene to follow the parade is already underway. The celebratory welcome planned for Sunbeam seems a fitting way to honor the famous father and son pair, Abraham and Robert Lincoln, and their connections to railroading. President Lincoln signed the Transcontinental Railway Act in , paving the way for a transcontinental railroad destined to bring the entire nation closer together with Americans traveling from coast to coast.

Pullman actually built a specially made car for the President but unfortunately it was never used until it became part of the funeral train that brought him home to Springfield after his assassination in He first traveled to Vermont by train as a young man with his mother, Mary Todd and brother Tad during the Civil War and nearly four decades later returned as a successful railroad magnate and captain of industry aboard a Pullman belonging to the company he then presided over.

This time, the rails carried him back to purchase land, to plan the design and construction of his ancestral home, Hildene. His personal history with Pullman began when he was counsel to the company. Upon the death of founder George Pullman in he served briefly as acting president and then as president until At this point Mr. Lincoln became chairman of the board serving until , two years before his death.

Christmas in the Victorian Times (PHOTOS)

Hildene looks forward to the arrival of Sunbeam in June which opens to the public on August 1, Hildene is open year round from 9: With all materials available on line, interested students may enter the competition independently as well.

Through this process Hildene hopes to foster an understanding of the importance of civic responsibility: Academically, this exercise also reinforces the importance of research, critical analysis and good writing. The students who accept the challenge this year are required to explain in their own words in a non-fiction essay of no more than words: If Lincoln was willing to tolerate slavery in the southern states, why was he so vehemently opposed to its extension into the territories?

To assist them, the competition packet includes background materials such as key Lincoln speeches and examples of winning essays from years past. All winners will be notified by the end of March, however the top three will not find out whether their essay placed first, second or third until the celebratory awards luncheon.

Lincoln Essay Competition entry packets are still available by download at www. If you have questions or would like to receive a packet by mail, call Stephanie at The 65 foot long wooden luxury Pullman car, Sunbeam, the finest example of such a restored railcar in existence, opens to the public on August 1, at the Hildene estate of captain of industry, Robert Lincoln, son of President Abraham Lincoln.

There is great anticipation about its arrival in an old fashioned hometown celebratory parade on June 4. This event will mark the culmination of a 2 year nationwide search for the right car, a three year restoration project and a 1, mile journey from the restoration site in Lancaster, South Carolina to the acre Lincoln estate. Adding to the allure of this particular car is the fact that in its various configurations Sunbeam was directly connected to three U.

Funding for the 1. To learn more about Hildene and the Sunbeam project, visit www. The ninth Hildene Winter History Series commences at 7: Representatives from each of these well known historic sites will focus on what makes their particular Lincoln home unique, how it shaped the future president, its mission and how the site is advancing the Lincoln legacy.

He received his Masters Degree in history from Western Kentucky University in and currently serves as an adjunct history professor there. This former high school social studies teacher began working in the park system at the Birthplace seasonally in , and accepted his first permanent position in at Natchez National Historic Park. He came full circle in when he returned to the Lincoln Birthplace in Hodgenville.

Hildene opened to the public in three years after the death of its last Lincoln inhabitant, Miss Peggy Beckwith. Since that time restoration efforts have been ongoing.

There are no more direct Abraham Lincoln descendants. This is also the site of The Museum Store where a wide range of distinctive items from Lincoln to Gilded Age, gardens, history, nature, farm and Vermont can be found. Visitors view a short video about the home and its famous inhabitants before walking or taking the shuttle up to the house for a self guided tour or guided tour by prior arrangement.

The mansion stands on a promontory between the Taconic and Green Mountain Ranges surrounded by spectacular views. Inside, guests experience the home of Robert Todd Lincoln, wealthy president and board chairman of the Pullman Company; the largest manufacturing corporation in America at the turn of the 20th century. The scrapbook contains a swatch of wallpaper from his Fords Theater box.

The milking herd of Nubian goats loves visitors. At this time of year visitors may arrive on skis, snowshoes, on foot or by shuttle. A cheese tasting can be arranged for groups by prior reservation. Both Robert Lincoln and Peggy Beckwith raised dairy herds and chickens. The eggs, milk and butter were used on the estate and shared with friends. The Ski Pavilion, built in with lumber harvested and milled at Hildene is designed to be in keeping with its natural surroundings. It is post and beam construction with an open floor plan.

The woodburning stove is set against an imposing stone wall that rises from floor to ceiling adding warmth and New England charm. Skis, poles, and snowshoes are available for rental or skiers may bring their own equipment. Lessons are available by prior arrangement. Trails passes are available at the Welcome Center. Passes also provide admittance to the house. This completely refurbished executive office car with accommodations for family travel as well, includes several state rooms, dining and meeting space, self contained kitchen and staff quarters and an observation area at the rear of the car.

Sunbeam will provide a link to one of the most influential periods of U. As the only child of President Abraham Lincoln and wife, Mary, to survive to adulthood, Robert carried what was often seen as a burdensome name and legacy with him throughout his life. The 45 minute presentation is followed by a 15 minute question and answer period and all are free and open to the public. Jason Emerson will present on the following topics throughout the series: The Museum Store will be open for a cup of coffee and a snack before the event and plentiful parking is available.

For further information please contact Stephanie at The Winter History Series will consist of four thematically unified lectures exploring the multifaceted personality and life of its own Gilded Age gentleman and former turn of the century Manchester resident, Robert Todd Lincoln. Emerson has penned works on both his father, Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln the Inventor and his mother Mary Todd Lincoln, The Madness of Mary Lincoln, as well as numerous articles and book reviews in both scholarly and popular publications.

There is great anticipation at Hildene about the book he is currently working on, a comprehensive biography of Robert Todd Lincoln. The second Monday of every month, the Hildene Book Club meets to discuss books on a wide range of relevant topics. Wood, a respected scholar of the colonial and Revolutionary periods. Following the book discussion, Hildene Programming Director, Stephanie Moffett Hynds, will welcome the input of club members on relevant topics such as choosing a meeting time that would allow more people to become involved, future book picks and general themes about the direction of the club.

The book club will meet this month in the Beckwith Room of the Welcome Center from 3: The group encourages readers to join in when they can. All are welcome to attend. To learn more about the club, contact Stephanie Moffett Hynds at Celebration of the New Year at Hildene got an early start, when on December 27, Hildene announced that the first Hildene Farm Cheese was ready for tasting. The fresh chevre is proof positive that the three long years of planning, building and working towards the goal of cheesemaking at the Rowland Agricultural Center at Hildene Farm had been well worth the wait.

The entire Hildene family invites the community to sample the new cheese at the Welcome Center during the weekend of January 9 and The season for goat cheese production is nearing an end as the season for kidding begins.

The winners of the Hildene Lincoln Essay Competition were selected from 88 entries submitted by eighth grade students from 14 schools representing 7 counties throughout Vermont.

The geographical demographic of those entering was even more diverse than last year, the first year in which the competition went statewide after three successful competitions that were limited to eighth grade students in Bennington County only.

The Lincoln Family Home at Hildene congratulates the winners: The event will be held on Saturday, January 30, at The keynote address will be delivered by Charles Smith. All eight winners will also receive their awards: For more information on the event or to reserve a seat call Stephanie at The suggested age is grades one through four. Space is limited and pre-registration is encouraged. Smith will address students, teachers, parents and guests on the importance of instilling the principles of good governance and civic responsibility, and how Abraham Lincoln, in word and deed, exemplified the same.

The letter called upon the president to free the slaves as a way of weakening the confederacy. Upon graduation from Harvard College in , featured speaker Charlie Smith embarked on a journey that would take him from the halls of Vermont state government to the offices of corporate America and back to Vermont to serve in the Douglas Administration from to The first, second and third place winners will read their essays at the event.

All eight winners will receive their awards: It is distinctive by its pronounced exaggeration of many Italian Renaissance characteristics: A tower is often incorporated hinting at the Italian belvedere or even campanile tower.

Motifs drawn from the Italianate style were incorporated into the commercial builders' repertoire and appear in Victorian architecture dating from the mid-to-late 19th century. This architectural style became more popular than Greek Revival by the beginning of the Civil War.

However, the style was superseded in popularity in the late s by the Queen Anne and Colonial Revival styles. The popularity of Italianate architecture in the time period following can be seen in Cincinnati, Ohio , the United States' first boomtown west of the Appalachian Mountains. In recent years increased attention has been called to the preservation of this impressive collection, with large-scale renovation efforts beginning to repair urban blight.

Cincinnati's neighboring cities of Newport and Covington, Kentucky also contain an impressive collection of Italianate architecture. Many, nicknamed Painted Ladies , remain and are celebrated in San Francisco. Poe produced a number of Italianate lighthouses and associated structures, chief among them being the Grosse Point Light in Evanston, Illinois.

The Italianate style was immensely popular in Australia as a domestic style influencing the rapidly expanding suburbs of the s and providing rows of neat villas with low-pitched roofs, bay windows, tall windows and classical cornices. The architect William Wardell designed Government House in Melbourne —the official residence of the Governor of Victoria —as an example of his "newly discovered love for Italianate, Palladian and Venetian architecture.

The hipped roof is concealed by a balustraded parapet. The principal block is flanked by two lower asymmetrical secondary wings that contribute picturesque massing, best appreciated from an angled view.

The larger of these is divided from the principal block by the belvedere tower. The smaller, the ballroom block, is entered through a columned porte-cochere designed as a single storey prostyle portico. Many examples of this style are evident around the government district of Melbourne, notably the "Old Treasury" Building and the fine range of state and federal government offices facing the gardens in Treasury Place. This dignified, but not overly exuberant style for civil service offices contrasted with the grand and more formal statements of the classical styles used for Parliament buildings.

The acceptance of the Italianate style for government offices was sustained well into the 20th century when, in , John Smith Murdoch designed the Commonwealth Office Buildings as a sympathetic addition to this precinct to form a stylistically unified terrace overlooking the gardens.

The Italianate style of architecture continued to be built in outposts of the British Empire long after it had ceased to be fashionable in Britain itself. The Albury railway station in New South Wales , completed in , is an example of this further evolution of the style.

As in Australia, the use of Italianate for public service offices took hold, but using local materials like timber to create the illusion of stone. At the time it was built in , the official residence of the Colonial Governor in Auckland was criticized for the dishonesty of making wood look like stone. The Old Government Buildings, Wellington are entirely constructed with local kauri timber which has excellent properties for construction.

Auckland developed later and preferred Gothic detailing As in the United States, the timber construction common in New Zealand, allowed this popular style to be rendered in domestic buildings such as Antrim House in Wellington and Westoe Farm House in Rangitikei [31] , as well as rendered brick at "The Pah" , Auckland.

In the News | Hildene | The Lincoln Family Home

On a more domestic scale, the suburbs of cities like Dunedin and Wellington spread out with modest, but handsome suburban villas with Italianate details such as low-pitched roofs, tall windows, corner quoins , and stone detailing, all rendered in wood. A good example is the birthplace of the writer Katherine Mansfield. The Bidwell Mansion , built in , Chico, California.

Robert Patrick Fitzgerald House , Milwaukee, Annefield , Charlotte County, Virginia, built in Old Government Buildings, Wellington.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Eynesbury House, Adelaide , South Australia. Osbourne House Page Archived from the original on October 3, Knopf, New York p. Harper's New Monthly Magazine. Archived from the original on Late Georgian and Victorian Britain Page Life in the English Country House Page Heart of the Piedmont.

Retrieved January 15, Historicism and Revivalism in Western architecture and decorative arts. Mycenaean Revival Serbo-Byzantine Revival. National Romantic style Dragon Style. Pombaline Neo-Manueline Soft Portuguese style. Byzantine Revival Russian Revival Stalinist architecture. Architecture of the United States. Greek Revival Italianate Gothic Revival. Retrieved from " https:

We try to keep this list of historic house museums for Colorado current, but it is best to check directly with the museums for their hours and other information. If you know of a historic house museum in Colorado that should be listed here, please use our submission form to let us know about it. A beautiful house built by master crafters in Open for tours, events, and teas. Join us the first Friday of the month for a luncheon in a unique setting! John and Maggie McNamara built the first two rooms of this house - the back parlor and the kitchen - in The bedroom off the kitchen and the clapboard on three exterior walls were added around the turn of the century.

This house is one of two small houses in a Victorian lawn setting that has been dedicated as a public park and National Historic Site.

Visit this Victorian home in downtown Breckenridge. It was recently restored as a tribute to Barney L. Ford who was the son of a Virginia slave. Barney Ford escaped slavery via the Underground Railroad and achieved success in Breckenridge and throughout the west as a prominent businessman, civic leader, black rights advocate, and mine owner. Edwin Carter came to Breckenridge in seeking gold and fortune, but his goals changed when he saw the devastation mining had on the environment and local wildlife.

Carter became a taxidermist and collected thousands of Rocky Mountain animal specimens in his museum, which doubled as his home. Carter worked and lived in his museum for 25 years. When he passed away in , Carter's collection of almost 3, Colorado wildlife specimens formed the nucleus of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

The Edwin Carter Museum reopened in May, , after undergoing a major rehabilitation. One of the largest and best-appointed houses was owned by socialites William and Kathleen Briggle.

In , they bought an one-room log cabin and immediately enlarged it by six rooms downstairs and three rooms upstairs. The exterior of the house was adorned to signify wealth and prominence. Dark-green trim represents dollar bills; silver, incorporated into the primer, lies underneath the white clapboard. Large windows in the dining room and front parlor resemble bank windows. Inside are luxuries that further differentiated the Briggles from most townspeople.

Step into the past at the Byers-Evans House Museum. This distinctive house museum has been beautifully restored to the period between and , and it is decorated with the original furnishings. It was a welcome site for the weary travelers, a place to wash off the trail dust, have a drink of cool fresh water, find a home-cooked meal, or spend the night before heading in to Denver.

The house was built in by the Brantner brothers who planned to settle in the area. The Field Officer's quarters is being restored to its original appearance. It is fitting that Molly Brown's house is now a museum, as not only is she well known for surviving the sinking of the Titanic, but she was also Denver's first preservationist.

In she purchased poet Eugene Field's home and gave it to Denver. In , Historic Denver, Inc. The stone Queen Anne has been restored to its appearance, since the interior was photographed during that year. The Colorado Governor's Residence began as a landmark private home, was transformed into a display of old-world elegance and remains one of the west's true treasure houses as it approaches its second century.

Part executive residence, part repository of museum-quality furnishings and objects d'art, the house is a meeting place for the past and the future. Hiwan Homestead Museum is a room log mansion built in the Rustic architectural style between and Known as Camp Neosho by the Douglas family from to , the site was renamed the Hiwan Ranch by the second owners, the Buchanan family. The Museum complex includes the log lodge and four original outbuildings. Hiwan Homestead's outstanding collections include Southwestern Native American Weavings, baskets, and ceramics collected by the original owners, and an international antique doll collection.

Museum staff and volunteers present many educational programs, special events, summer day camp, childrens' and adult craft classes, and changing exhibits. Hiwan's restored era rooms illustrate a comfortable style of early mountain summer home living.

As a local history museum, it maintains active craft and interpretive school programs as well as changing exhibitions, which are sponsored by the Jefferson County Historical Society. The Humphrey Museum and ranch was started by J. Clarke in the s as a cattle ranch. Clarke built a small log cabin where he lived during the summers. Clarke's death, the family sold more than acres to the Humphreys in the s. For the remainder of the 20th Century, the Humphreys lived and ranched the beautiful Evergreen land, adding on to the original log cabin and raising horses, burros, goats and other small animals.

Today the ranch buildings, the house museum, the gift shop, and the remaining 43 acres comprise the Humphrey Memorial Park and Museum. This recreated mining town was built in Some of the buildings are in their original locations, others were moved from the surrounding areas to the park. Over 30 buildings are open, with 4 homes showing the pioneer lifestyle.

Originally a small cottage, this property was built by Joseph Watson in and later remodeled and vastly enlarged by his British brother-in-law William Arthur Hamill in The Hamill House presents the public with the elegant, spacious lifestyle of a silver mining magnate. Owner of extensive mining properties, Hamill's management of the famous and profitable Dives-Pelican and Terrible mining properties made him one of the best known mining men in the state of Colorado and the West.

A two-story adobe house built in for Nathan C. Meeker, the founder of Greeeley. An old family home has been restored with authentic antique pieces and features a costume room with clothing dating back to the s. The home features lavish Victorian furnishings collected in Leadville, including objects belonging to silver tycoon Horace and Augusta Tabor, along with other Leadville pioneers.

Built in , this room mansion was home to the John A. It remained a family residence for 75 years. Designed by noted New York architect Henry Hudson Holly and two years under construction, the mansion was completed in Nearly all furnishings, accessories, decorative arts, paintings custom paneling, wall and window treatments are original to the home. The museum features several attractions on one block in Trinidad's acclaimed historic district.

Landmark homes, local treasures, and lovely gardens make the Trinidad history Museum a great place to spend the day. Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. Need an Image for ID June - September, hours vary. Call for info Hours: Free except large prebooked tours and prebooked ed Hours:

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