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In the pic above, apart from Prince Jjunju, the rest of the men have been associated with socialite Zari who is currently dating Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz. Ivan is the father of Zari's three boys while LK4 was the very first dude Zari dated when her affair with Ivan became rocky and before dating Diamond Platnumz, Zari was moving out with Farouk Ssempala.

I'm not bothered by Zari's past-Platnumz.

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Baby daddy Ivan failed to "wife" you all this time you've been fighting his battles, you think Diamond Platnumz will? So it's true, when they see you happy, they start hating more huh? Ivan Semwanga was a few days contributing Etoffali to Buganda Kingdom and it's no wonder that Kabaka's son Prince Jjunju has paid him a courtesy call while on his visit to South Africa. When other mothers post pics breastfeeding their babies, what you see is what you get, but when Zari does that, it's a political statement.

Zari has shared her first breastfeeding pic to dispel rumors that were widely circulating, that, she wasn't breastfeeding baby Latiffah all in the name of keeping her center folds firm. Other sources were citing breast implants as the reason behind Zari's actions, but depending on where the surgery was done, it does not stop new mothers from breastfeeding.

In the pic, Zari is seen feeding her little princess but some mothers have come out to say that the posture is not that of a breastfeeding mom, she is doing that for the camera. Again, in another pic, Zari is feeding the baby in what looks like a bottle setting tongues wagging.

Three days back he was letting whoever cared to know that he sleeps alone in his versace bed. We should know people use the media for different purposes like the one we are seeing of a guy being so creative and convincing people to believe his false claims. In his interview with Tanzania's Cloud FM, the Bongo Flava star went on to say that Zari is not a married woman, we discussed the same and she clearly told me she has never been married to anybody.

During the time when Farouk was still dating Zari, he was equally being told of Zari's past, he had this to say: If she did A, B, C This morning, Diamond Platnumz baby mama in her style of get inspired or expired shared a pic that made her look a lot younger than the mom she was two weeks back prompting questions like: This forced one to pop the question; 'Which year was that, you looked so pretty and young?

Another lady who gave birth four years back and now looks like 4 months pregnant also wondered what the mom of four had done to look so fit. The pics when she looks actually young have a totally different hair style, in fact, on those pics, she has no hair extensions and for some reason, the tattoo is nowhere to be seen, but trust Zari, she will do anything to silence her ex-lover who is operating behind the King Lawrence DNA machinery. This is Zari's look 13 days after giving birth to her fourth baby..

Zari was today showing off her flat tummy just days after giving birth. In the three shots as she prepared to have a swim after working out, Diamond Platnumz' bae was looking like a sweet sixteen. This is not the type of body you give to a mom of four and not forgetting, one who gave birth barely two weeks ago. The socialite has healed already and the Bongo Flavour star is back on his game busy working his way to baby number 2.

Trust Zari, she is now using her hot body to distract her fans and followers from King Lawrence who is insisting they will meet in court over the DNA issue.

King Lawrence wants Zari's baby to be subjected to a DNA test to ascertain if the baby is his or Diamond Platnumz, this is Zari's latest remarks on the issue:. Gotta give ma back to all that BS out there. People only dim a light that's too bright for them. Hours after it turned out that Ivan's half brother, King Lawrence, wants a DNA test done on Zari's baby, the socialite has simply branded him a mad man.

God help us to draw comfort from our faith in you.. Zari's ex hubby, Ivan Ssemwanga has tried to move on after Zari but it's not been easy.. The game is still on King Lawrence, real name Sserunjogi Lawrence is Ivan Semwanga's half brother and for the record, Ivan is Zari's ex-hubby with whom they have three children, all boys.

Baby daddy Ivan failed to "wife" you all this time you've been fighting his battles you think Diamond Platnumz will? Zari went on to say;. In the letter dated Aug 14, King wants to be confirmed or excluded as the biological father, Zari has up to seven days to respond but now that the letter is circulating on social networks, Ivan's ex will respond when she receives it For now though, she is busy in the gym trying to fight the belly and keeping in shape.

What is causing the delay? Media houses - Publishers in TZ are not offering enough otherwise, the pics could be all over by now. Wema Sepetu camp - Wema Sepetu's camp has released a doctored pic of a baby they are calling Latiffah, so as a way of countering them, Zari will continue to hide the baby's face rendering those in circulation null and void. Who does the baby look like? This has left Zari with no choice but to reach out to her swahili speaking followers to let them know that the baby out there is not Tiffah.

It's day 4 since Zari gave birth to baby No. It was held at Club venom yesterday but the attendance was relatively low forcing Zari to engage her social gear.

Stop undermining people who are way better than you. I won't say much but karma serves you exactly what you want. Unfortunately for Rita, the turn up was not commensurate with the likes or comments she normally receives on an average post on her wall. Meanwhile, Rita has waken up from the fatigue of yesterday only to find her wall on fire following Zari's post, and like she always does, she just laughed it off with a simple line; "You've given the new mom her level, what a Sunday," she concluded.

Words can't express how much you mean to me. Mommy loves you, may the Good Lord continue blessing you abundantly from this day forward.. Last year, Zari hired a Hummer Limo for Pinto and his buddies to go partying but this year, Pinto will have to celebrate without his mom who is miles away in Tanzania attending to her 2-day-old Latty. We are ok and very much together," Those were the words Zari used as she tried to dispel rmours she had broken up with Farouk. And, this was her take on hanging out with Ivan last year lest, it could cause problems in her new relationship s.

Our relationship differences does not make any of us less of parents. We still execute our duties as parents like expected. Latiffah is amazingly so beautiful more than I could have ever imagined. Thanks for your prayers once again. We are doing okay especially daddy Platnumz is so overjoyed. Thank you lord for the blessings. These words are coming after a camp from Diamond Platnumz ex, Wema Sepetu was spreading a pic of a yawning baby code named ' likes' claiming that is Zari's baby, but like Zari puts it, Latiffah is so beautiful more than she could have ever imagined.

This eve, Zari and Latiffah were at the hospital balcony 'waving' to those who spotted them. In the picture, Diamond Platnumz mom is holding Princess Latiffah as Zari recovers from the whole birth experience. Just a few days back, Zari was lifting weights and doing lots of pregnancy exercises as she prepared for the little princess' arrival.

Socialite Zari has three boys from her previous relationship with South African based businessman, Ivan Ssemwanga, this is her first daughter. Four days back, Ivan was checking on his son's progress at school and this is what he had to say;.

Gotta keep that b. Well it's always easier with man power," Socialite Zari captioned the pics she shared on her Instagram account.

Looking at Zari working out, the weight did not seem hard for her, the mother of three did more of the back squats and shoulder press. This will be her first child with the Tanzanian singer, Diamond Platnumz. Zari has three children from her previous relationship so given that experience plus these work outs, the whole process should be a walkover for her. Scan findings reveal it's a baby girl. Squats are one of the best pregnancy exercises as they reduce the lower back and hip pain and increased muscle strength.

The biggest and the best white party is back, Zari has announced.. She may be very heavy but that has not stopped her from chasing paper.. Last year's party was held on December 18 and some patrons were left out because the venue could not accommodate the numbers, it's not yet clear what plans have been put in place to avoid that scenario from happening again. The Tanzanian version that was held on May 01, at Mlimani City Hall was a sell out too though the venue was big enough to cater for large numbers.

This year, fans will have to come from the rest of East Africa as this project has now been taken to a different level, Diamond Platnumz' fans have by default become Zari's. Doreen is a news anchor at NBS TV and given her skin complexion which is not very different from Zari's, many had hoped that she was replacing the mother of Ivan's three soldiers.

Doreen is pregnant and Ivan is quick to distance himself from the pregnancy. Being pregnant comes with it's complications but trust you me, Zari is going through it with a lot of ease given the support that Diamond Platnumz has extended to her. The count down is on.. This was her last event Pregnant Zari to host event in Rwanda. Just last Thursday, Zari was with her boys in South Africa and now, she has already joined her boo as she prepares for the arrival of the princess, she is eight months and will be in Tanzania up to the time they welcome their princess.

What Zari touches normally turns into gold. This Saturday, Zari will be in Rwanda hosting the Rwanda International Fashion World event that will see several designers show casing their outfits. It's the holy month of Ramadan and our local stars have taken to social networks to convey their wishes. This game is becoming very interesting.. Now this is the message that sent mixed signals to the extent that Zari was forced out of her her bed to come and rescue the situation.

Watch the space NewVideoTingz!!!! She then went on to attack the women who were on her case that these days she only strikes a pose in the kitchen and bedroom but not with the posh rides when she was still with Ssemwanga, the father of her three sons.

She did not have kind words for these ones;. Below is the list of the nominees with Sauti Sol as the only artist from East Africa. Zari's action is as a result of the pressure from Wema Sepetu who has since withdrawn her support from Diamond and channeled it to his rivals. You moved from one man to another in less than 3 days.

For the record, Diamond Platnumz is 9 years younger than Zari, he seems to be the best thing that has happened to Zari lately. Karim was the 'muko' during the December Zari-Ivan introduction ceremony at Munyonyo which saw Karim drive off with a brand new golf car and over 20 cockerels as presents from Ivan Ssemwanga.

With a baby on the way, Karim's options seem to be limited leaving him with no choice but to join the 'Zarimond' project and as seen from the pics, the two are looking very comfortable already.. These two are in love!!!! Not even the rumor that the pregnancy could be for another man was enough to scare Diamond off his bae, he is now officially our 'in-law' and just as well, Tanzania has welcomed Zari with open arms..

In their free time, they look at baby Apps tracking everything that is happening to their princess on a day-to-day basis. Last month, she took studio pics for her White Party equating it to a wedding, the fans were excited only to turn out otherwise. The year-old showed off her four month beautiful baby bump straight from the gym and she was looking flawless. This is Zari's fourth pregnancy and Diamond's first child. This morning, Zari showed off some nice cream baby booties with beads all over that she picked from her favorite store, Casdeluxe.

The mom of three will for now have to juggle between Tz and South Africa to the time when she finally drops the tot. Zari is right now in South Africa checking on the boys before making her way to TZ to check on her boo, Diamond Platnumz.

A few days back, Diamond Platnumz and other family members were in a meeting regarding the paternity of the child, but the Natakalewa singer gave them the assurance that the baby was his and therefore, no cause to worry. Mlimani Conference Hall was on fire on May 01 as Diamond Platnumz and his significant other showered their fans with love at the first annual Zari All White party in Tanzania. Just like the last All White party in Kampala, even the one in Tanzania was a sell out.

Much much much appreciated," Zari tweeted. It was a celebrity affair, guests who did not respect teh dress code were turned down. Kenyan comedian, Eric Omondi wowed the crowd. During the photo session, Diamond amused fans when he tried to 'see through' Zari's tummy confessing that he loved her more in her current state. Dave Kazora strikes a pose with the boss lady, Zari at Mlimani Conference centre.

The event will be live on the zariwhiteparty. Meanwhile, this is coming at the time when Platnumz' ex, Wema Sepetu, had just held her secret wedding to man she prefers to keep a secret for now. Wema and her man just met two months back but are now married. Latest info reaching our desk indicates that Wema is thinking of attending the A-list party that takes place tonight at Mlimani Hall but close friends have advised that it might not be a wise thing for her to do.

It is a busy schedule for Diamond Platnumz and Zari. Over the weekend, the couple was in Zanzibar where Diamond had a performance at Ngomekongwe not forgetting that it's three days to the Zari All White Party at Mlimani city in Dae-es-salaam.

It should also be recalled that when Zari and Platnumz took the wedding like shots, it was in preparation for the All White Party, much as it was not the wedding and Platnumz had made his fans to believe so, the trick worked and that was all courtesy of the East African project by Zari and her boo, Chibu Dangote. Trust Zari, that is her way of doing things and Platnumz is more than happy to have her around, the baby bump says it all. The Zari All White Party is expected to be a sell out just like it was the case in Kampala last year.

On May 7, Platnumz will be performing live in Dubai and later in the month, he will be in London and on May 25 Mwanza and Ethiopia will be next.

On all those trips, Zari is expected to move with the love of her life, Chibu Dangote Diamond Platnumz. If you are in Zari's close circles, you must have received your invite for her wedding by now. All those in Tanzania have received an open invite for the wedding reception that will be held at Mlimani Conference Hall in Dar-es-salaam. The reception will take place on May 01, When the couple shared the pics on Good Friday, many could not believe that the Zarimond project had gotten to yet another level, marriage with a baby in the pipeline.

This is a blow to those who had hoped that may be Zari would be going back to the father of her three sons but this is unlikely, because even after dating very many men, Platnumz has been one of a kind They met around November last year and it's hardly six months since they met but they are expecting their Chibu Jr.

Zari and Diamond Platnumz' baby must be very content where she is - because there is no sign of her just yet! After her 3 soldiers, Zari is expecting her fourth child and just like her three boys blessed with a loaded dad, so is the girl that Zari will be dropping soon. Meanwhile, as she continues reading through congratulatory comments from friends and well wishers on exchanging vows with Tanzania's finest star, Diamond Platnumz, Ivan is just driving around the streets of Kampala.

He was at Guvnor for the Night in Vegas theme party where he dished out lots of cash to all the curvy and bummy babes. However, Ivan Ssemwanga's half brother, King Lawrence thinks otherwise, in his own words he says; This is Diamond's biggest mistake. Could Lawrence be saying this because after twelve years even with a traditional wedding Introduction involved, it failed to work out between Zari and Ivan, could it be the short period Zari and Platnumz have dated and a baby is on the way and within no time, they are putting a ring on it, only time will tell.

For now though, Zari and Platnumz continue reading through the many comments from well wishers, fans and friends that have been pouring in since yesterday when Platnumz first broke the news. It's official, Zari and Diamond Platnumz are married.

In Tanzania, you must have a certificate of no impediment from your country prior to getting married, the certificate states that there is no impediment to your marriage because;. For Zari's case, none of the above cases applies. She was with her baby daddy for over ten years, but the closest to that was an introduction ceremony that was held in December , Lots of gift items were exchanged in form of cows, cars to mention but a few.

However, it was not all rosy forcing Zari out of the marriage following several beatings. She dated LK4 but somehow, things did not work out, then rode with muscle man, Farouk Sempala, only to dump him for a young, award winning, Tanzania's finest Nasib Abdul Juma Chibu Dangote.

A few days back, the mom of three revealed, she will be dropping a baby girl. This is what Zari has been looking for all along, someone that can put a ring on it. The cold nights for Ivan Ssemwanga will soon be over when Malkia joins him but that might not be anytime soon if Zari's words are anything to go by. This year-old with no career but only good at hitting on men is no wife material, Zari noted a few days back.

And now, Malkia has retaliated with a salvo that has made Zari take a break from social media for a few hours. In her message, Malkia says she won't put much of her attention on a p. All that Zari does is to search for sp. In her salvo, Malkia reveals who the owner of the pregnancy is, it's for a one Katunzi. Malkia concludes by warning Zari that if she continues with her nonsense, she will go ahead and unleash more of the sagging b.

More of that up there!!! As the catfight progresses to n. Zari revealed this following an exchange with Ivan's new catch, Malkia Wakichaga, who she has branded as a year-old with no child or career except hitting on men IVAN who are only good at posting money pics on facebook. Before revealing who the old momma was, Zari shared some very nice handbags on her wall saying they were available at her Garden City based store for those who may be interested. This fool who is stuck in the USA has no papers to return to Africa following a fight with her mom for dating her dad.

Nothing close to baby mama, nothing close to mother material. Stay in ur lane and mind your own. After sorting her rival, it was now time to share the amazing news, she revealed that anytime from now, she will be dropping a princess. Zari and Diamond Platnumz - Drunk in Love. This will be Zari's fourth and Platnumz' first. Zari cannot wait to deliver her bundle of joy. The pic had 1, facebook likes by this afternoon.

Comments like you are the African queen, so pretty and the likes could not be missed in the comments section with the middle pic being voted as the best. Those who did not know that Zari was only participating in the Throwback Thursday game hashtagged as TBT were quick to ask about the pregnancy thinking these were latest pics, the mom of three just shot back;. Some people tho olubuto olutalilulwo lukukwatilakowa? Damn peeps, focus on yours am minding mine!

Nothing is wrong with me. How exactly is the pregnancy beneficial to anyone? In what way seriously? The fans seem to want that bump that shows a strong healthy baby growing inside. East African socialites, Zari Hassan and Huddah Monroe have lot's of businesses, known and unknown, but one of them is hosting events. This will certainly be a sell out too because the two socialites are crowd pullers. More of that here Zari is now venturing into Kenya and before we know it, this also will become an annual event.

She also has strong links in Burundi now that some of her grand parents hail from there. Patricia - "My first time commenting on here publicly and I'm blocking myself. We encourage stupid women to act dumb. There is nothing wrong with the way we live our lives but sometimes we go too far.

At this point we follow you like a drama show but the respect is not there. I'm Guilty for that. I really admired your hard work and felt your pain with the last relationship but you are your own downfall. For you to post such pictures like you don't have sense or children. Shabirah - "Most of you here be yapping about Zari's age but u look older than her.

She might be a mother of junior boys but looks like she has never given birth She isn't the reason why your bu boyfriends or your daddy babies don't show u in public. Age is just a number and being a mother doesn't make her unattractive.

But i'll just say "a private life is a happy life". Dont share too much of your life with the public coz the same public will be your downfall. We love u n we want the best for u. Mothers are meant to be loved too," Zari wrote.

According to Zari's caption, being a mother does not stop the love from flowing, and right now, she is missing her boo and the best way of expressing it was to pull out one of those shots the couple took while they celebrated Valentine's day in Zanzibar. Zari spent the weekend chilling with friends while yachting in Cape town.

She was clad in a short outfit that showed off her tanned skin and growing baby bump. Zari has surely moved on and not about to look back. The above statement is a clear indication that she is not about to let her previous relationship with the dad of the three children get into her way, she is having the very best of times with Tanzania's finest, Diamond Platnumz, and for now, they can't wait to have their chibubu junior.

Lovers, Zari and Diamond Platnumz spent valentine's day together and they are still in Zanzibar. The couple was spotted at Zanzibar park horse riding. He has branded the so called Rich Gang pawns in the game of money. He recently turned 42 and his birthday bash was held at Speke Resort Munyonyo. Fusion band entertained guests at the exclusive party.

The two lovers looked stunning in their islamic regalia last Friday. Zari hails from Jinja and to-date, bicycles are still the in-thing when it comes to connecting within the town, and she loves them. Her on-and-off hubby, Ivan Ssemwanga, has done it before. The sight of Diamond Platnumz on a bicycle made Zari's heart melt. The two lovers have started from where they stopped and are moving hand in hand all over TZ, they are now in Songea city.

Just the other day, she did her first ultrasound to reveal if the fetus was one or two and also to estimate the due date for delivery among others. Zari is six weeks pregnant. This is what King Lawrence posted a few minutes back regarding Zari's pregnancy. This morning, news of Zari's ultra-scan details confirming that she is pregnant have been making rounds on social networks and Diamond can't wait to lay his hands on what he is terming as Chibubu Junior In a related development, Ivan, King Lawrence and ex-con Meddie Ssentongo were this morning signing a deal of sorts confirming that they will be having some dealings together, details of which could not readily be established.

Could this be the Tanzania-Uganda project that Zari was talking about, may be yes! Zari and Diamond met in November and less than three months later, the first ultrasound scan is reporting positive news.

King Lawrence and Zari together? It's shocking bearing in mind that these two were having a serious exchange on facebook a few days back. Going by the above pic, it looks like Zari and King Lawrence are already back on good terms or it won't be long before they mend ties.

Zari tried to label him as a driver to their college, but this just made matters worse, this was when he retaliated with these words; "Why did you give it to a faggot? Ivan Semwanga's cousin, King Lawrence, has continued with his kiss and tell games. When he attacked Zari, it was evident that he was on top of his game, so Zari decided to team up with the Kenyan boss lady, Huddah Monroe, who was in South Africa a few weeks back meeting King Lawrence.

Zari advised you wrongly. That's why she advised you to attack me. Can they even afford all this? Do they sleep in those beds alone? We are the one's behind the scenes funders. Do we do it for free? How do you get paid? I'm sorry I used both of you. King Lawrence - "Aha ha ha ha These Hoes are not Loyal - Check out huddahthebosschick lame explanation after the second evidence that proves we spent 2 days not 2 hours together. Its funny how you take my money, attack me and deny me.

Did we change clothes in 2 hours? He has down played taht with claims that they are just buddies. It's unlikely that that video will see the light of day.

Rich Gang crew member, King Lawrence, has shot back after Zari revealed that he was just a mere driver at their school who could even be fired. Dating Zari should be one complicated aspect her lovers have had to deal with and as it turns out, King Lawrence , has also had a thing with Zari as he reveals in the above screen shots.

Wonder if that boy knows that I hit it first. Hours later, ZARI revealed that King was recruited as a driver at their college in South Africa and at this rate, he risks being fired. Glad to have you on our Brooklyn City College pay roll as our part timer driver when you run broke, just don't abuse your work ethic code of conduct as an employee by posting my kids seeking attention from it.

This did not go down well with Zari and her gals who decided to hunt down Sharon O, but she was arrested before laying her hands on Sharon O. Blood is thicker than water, King Lawrence has stayed by Ivan's side at all times and will once in a while try to hit at Zari like it was today, but Zari is not about to take any of that BS! Wema and Diamond had dated for over three years only to break up a couple of months back.

In her new year's message, she reveals that the year was quite an experience for her. I know I have learnt and for sure can't make the same mistakes I made earlier. God I pray for to be my year and I'm gonna make it my walk to remember. They've been an item since November last year, and now, they are so close to the point that Zari has kept the Bongo flava star on a tight leash.

Good nyt and happy new week fam She is now known in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and of course, she needs no introduction in Uganda.

On hooking up with the Bongo Flavour star, Zari told his followers to get ready for the "Uganda, Tanzania project" and so far, the project has been unveiled in bits and pieces.. The project kicked off with a music video that was recorded in Tanzania we're still waiting for the video , then Zari was in South Africa with Platnumz for the Channel O Awards. One of Zari's ex-lovers tried to sabotage the relationship by leaking a s x tape on the net, but this did not stop her.

Dec and another on Jan at the Amahoro Grounds. Zari could not help crying after watching a short video of the Tutsi massacre. This was Zari before Diamond Platnumz came into the picture. Muscle man Farouk Sempala is certainly not happy with the way his ex-lover Zari is doing her thing. The mom of three is now rocking the entire East Africa. She left a mark there. Just yesterday, they were in Burundi and now, the two are in Rwanda. For example, during the White Party, Farouk opted on doing charity, he visited children in Mulago Hospital.

His latest post just confirms that he is not happy with what is going on between Zari and Diamond Platnumz. The laws of natural justice fail to apply, only when one is both The village's foolish drunkard. And when this kind is exported to urban settlement Because this is when the village surely misses In his words, he seems to suggest that Zari is missed in Jinja where she hails from as she is busy rocking East and South Africa.

On the other hand, Zari still maintains that; "This is the most Misunderstood project to go down in Lovers, Zari and Diamond Platnumz, have just touched down in Rwanda where they will spend the new year's eve. Diamond was having performances in Burundi with Zari by his side to ensure all was well.

On Dec 18, , Diamond Platnumz was the headlining act at Zari's All White Party which was a sell out, since then, the two have not looked back. Meanwhile, looking at Zari's past lovers, she has always been the one dumping and when the time for the Bongo flavour star is up, she will dump the young man. However, one thing is for sure, Diamond is enjoying the cougar from all corners and for now patiently waiting to usher in the new year Zari style.

As expected, many were trying to get close to the crew to have some of the pocket change. At around midnight, Ivan declared the bar open and all tribes of booze were flowing endlessly.

Katsha was spotted at Club Amnesia hanging out with Bebe Cool. However, Katsha was visibly missing and yet he has always been part of the earlier arrangements. It was held on Thursday at Guvnor with all guests clad in white outfits. Ivan was in town but boycotted the party for obvious reasons, he was only being briefed on the party proceedings by colleagues.

Initially, many thought this year's party would not take place now that Ivan, the main sponsor had pulled out, but to his and Zari's surprise, this has been billed as the best White Party ever. I am sorry to those of you who couldn't get in when it was declared a full house Thank you once again," Zari wrote. Zari has every reason to be grateful, so many events were taking place that night starting with the Five Star Madness comedy show and Imperial Royale, The Arab Money party at Cayenne and of course Chameleone's One Million show at Serena but none of them matched Zari's when it came to numbers.

Ivan was yesterday at Club Rouge looking stressed but like he normally does, an open bar was declared. Part time singer and socialite, Zari Hassan, is all smiles after having a sold out White Party yesterday. At some point, the doors to the posh night spot, Guvnor, had to be closed as it was fully packed. Among the notables missing from the party this year was Ivan Semwanga, Zari's on and off hubby. It should be noted that he has always been sponsoring this event but this time around, it was Ciroc and Guvnor who were the main sponsors.

These ushers ensured there was constant flow of the ultra premium drink, Ciroc. The belly dancer for the Arab party is also already in town. Meanwhile, a few hours back, the Tanzanian Bongo flavour star was spotted heading to the airport for his flight to Kampala.

Trust him, he always moves with his mom. During the Channel O Awards, he was in the company of his mom and of course his boo, Zari, who helped him carry around the three awards that he won.

Over the weekend, he was in Mombasa for the Jamhuri concert but the police lead car that cleared his way was so fast that at some point, it was a problem to other motorists. Zari jetted into the country on Monday after failing to do so earlier, of course for obvious reasons, the tape.

The mom of three has ensured that a proper security detail is in place for her slighlty younger 'good friend' who will be the headline artist at the Zari White Party. Initially, we thought they were complaining about the recent network problems with Mobile Telecommunication Network MTN that forced the telecom giant to refund millions of lost airtime. Over M was refunded. One radio personality who watched the clip had this to say:.

She was using a vibrator. Dude was probably je. Zari has issued a statement well written by a lawyer, but it's amazing how in the statement she constantly reminds her fans, friends and followers of the forthcoming White Party. The Arab Party in Bukoto has also brought in a belly dancer with a sword, again this also attracts a totally different following from Zari's All White Party, so if this was a deliberate move, it has fallen short of it's intended objective.

He is the guest artist for the white party. However, this morning, MTN aka Gonya Zirya Ki and other networks noticed some bit of traffic as one of Zari's yet-to-be identified ex-lover leaked her tape. The tape was doing rounds on social networks. It should be recalled that around this time last month, Desire's tape had been trending for a week.. Zari is now browsing her x-files to find out who this X could be.. Exs gotta stay exs and stop doing things for revenge," Zari tweeted.

Responding to a post by Karim Zari's young brother , who seems to be disturbed by his BIG sister dating someone as young as him. In his post yesterday, Karim wrote: Zari was quick to respond though she maintained that it was not Karim behind that post. It's never been written that female and male can't be friends, it's just the backward people that use that kind of perspective to blow things out of proportion.

Zari had reunited with Ivan after dumping Farouk, but like her brother puts it, ''from one man to another in 3 days'', she is now with Diamond Platnumz. The Tanzanian Bongo Flavor star has already introduced Zari to his mom. Platnumz, his mom and Zari took photos at the awarding event in South Africa. These are some of the responses from Zari's sister, Ashurah and King Lawrence who happens to be more than a brother to Zari's on and off hubby, Ivan ssemwanga.

Eddy was riding on the Sitya Loss ticket while Navio was nominated for his No Holding Back song, but 'our in-law' was more than determined to take all the categories in which he was nominated. O, Tiwa Savage, Burna Boy among others. Meanwhile, at the awarding event, Platnumz was in the company of his mom and his new found love, Zari baby who is by the way 9 years older, but she is 'hotter than them' just like her song when she tried singing.

After showing Diamond Platnumz so much love, he is now the headlined guest at the Zari All White Party that will be held on December 18, Initially, we were being told there will be a surprise guest, but now not a surprise guest anymore, but Tanzania's top artiste will be here in December.

On December 18, , Kampala revellers will have three parties to attend, but one of them costs an arm and a leg. It should be recalled that a few weeks back, as Zari was making her way to TZ, she met Diamond Platnumz on board and one thing led to the other In her post on Instagram, Wema says she has never been to Kampala, but she will come just to grace Chameleone's show. Negotiations are still on for the Tanzanian singer to be the surprise guest artist at the White Party, we hope another war won't break out.

In the phone conversation which is suspected to be leaked by either of them, Farouk is planning on relocating to the US. Farouk is heard requesting for Julia's pic similar to that of Desire Luzinda.. Women are the reverse, they want to hear and then the physical comes later, "Julia asked.

In the 15 min conversation, the two kept on complimenting each other and Julia telling him of how she will be very happy when he eventually joins her in the US. You needed to hear the accent Farouk used as he was trying to save the fax details, it was as though he was already in Uncle Sam's land.

While making her way to Tanzania, she met Bongo flavour star Diamond Platnumz on board and very quickly the two swapped seats with other passengers to enjoy each other's company. Champagne got the best of them to the point of taking pics with their tongues out. While on board, a number of issues were discussed including her All White Party It was not long when she realised that oh yes she can sing or has sang before..

The two hit studio and in her own words she says;. Africa get ready for our new project Uganda, Tanzania. So Diamond is a fair game as far as she is concerned. Meanwhile, Forbes will want to hear from Zari.

Soon, you might see Zari being featured in the list of top East African socialites, if at all that category exists. Just like beauty contests, you are supposed to audition and when you don't, you should not be shocked with the outcome.

Back to the Diamond Platnumz issue, Zari wrapped it up with this line; "Don't live your life enslaved by guilt, you must do what is right for you even if other people have problem with it Diamonds mummy fabulous self". Could Diamond Platnumz be the surprise guest artiste?

May be yes, now that they are in talks. It was not long before she leaned on the star discussing many other business dealings in swahili. Using her facebook profile. Desire apologized for the leaked photos saying that her jilted lover breached the trust.

Zari's on and off hubby, Ivan Semwanga has once again undergone a plastic surgery operation. Like any other couple, things did not work out, but LK4 had quenched his thirst anyway. Ivan has again gone for the surgery to try and work on his fat belly and also reduce on the breasts.

This is coming at the time after Zari has just dumped her latest lover, Farouk Sempala, better known as the muscle man. Given that background, it's not surprising to see how hard Ivan is trying to achieve a body closer to LK4 or Farouk.

However, it's not clear if his efforts will pay off because as he is recuperating from the operation, nutritional drinks are right by his bedside. Farouk Sempala has been off facebook from the time of his break-up with Zari, but he only resurfaced hours after Zari bouncing back to Ivan, the father of her three sons. Pharouk is ever-calm and has always been so. We all remember when he received a call from Ivan's boys who were warning him to leave Zari or he will have it rough, but in his response, he was so humbled to the extent that the callers saw no point of continuing with hurling insults.

After her split with Farouk Sempala last month, Zari and Ivan are back together. This was widely expected with Zari's forthcoming All White Party, many were certain that she could not pull it off without Ivan's involvement.

In the leaked pics, the couple is seen enjoying a moment together with Ivan loving every bit of it. Right, " were her words when she broke up with Farouk, could Ivan be Mr.

Right, only time will tell most especially after the White Party on December 18, Isaac still has fond memories of their time together.

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He once told of how the socialite is a tigress in bed. Zari has since bounced back to the father of her kids, Ivan and then dated Farouk Sempala, but split a few weeks back. She is now searching for Mr. Thank you so much for the love you have shown me on this 34th year I've spent on earth. Words can't explain how I feel, Thank You and God bless you all. This got a few tongues wagging as there was no mention of a birthday bash that would have free champagne flowing all night long as it has been the case before.

This got keyboards and smart phones busy more so at the time when Ivan was equally making headlines with his new catch, Zari was left with no choice but to reach out to all those worrying about her with these words;. The month just ended which one of my bills are you paying? See, your opinions clearly are yours to keep.. As you may be aware, Zari's ex-lover, Ivan Semwanga has replaced her with a yet-to-be identified babe. Quick stats indicate that the only thing the two share in common is the skin complexion.

Zari long moved on. She has been dating Farouk Sempala, but the two split recently when Zari landed on flirtation messages on Farouk's WhatsApp profile.

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Zari's ex-lover, Ivan Ssemwanga has yet again hooked another light skinned babe. The couple were spotted whispering sweet nothings to each other, with Ivan looking smitten. Matters of love can be complicated at times. Zari dumped Ivan after several years of dating. They have 3 children together, but that was not enough to let them ride on the same horse.

She went on to hook the muscle man, Farouk Ssempala, but they also split a few days back citing issues of infidelity. Chameleone tried re-uniting Zari and Ivan but all that came out of this was a mere peck.

Realizing that the mom of his three soldiers as they refer to them is not about to come back, Ivan has gone ahead to hook up this babe whose complexion reminds him more of Zari. Should Ivan wait a little longer for Zari to return to his life or he is fit to go with his latest catch? On Tuesday, Zari turned 34 and over the weekend, she will be hosting her close pals to a sumptuous birthday treat.

However, that was not enough to save her from landing in the Gossip Queen's 'jaws'. She first warned her viewers that on the Zari clip, she will go a bit personal now that she had been equated to that ka-pig.

I pick fights with people who can challenge me at intellectual level but you, you can't even communicate in English, how I'm I supposed to fight with you. And at this age, what you should be doing is taking care of yourself, because you know, you are paid for s x at this age and you are not yet as old as some people I know, but you are already paying for s x, imagine what it will be like five years from now, you will be spending a little more money. Zari's latest tweet seems to suggest the muscle man is sorry for whatever happened and has apologized.

You just need to find that special someone who knows how to apologize and make it up to you when they have hurt you. If she falls asleep in your arms, it doesn't mean she's bored.

It means she's comfortable. Farouk is made up of a calm personality, and it's no surprise that he is the special someone Zari is referring to as you can see, she fell asleep in his chest. The call lasted about eight minutes purpotedly from Ruth Kalule's lover. Ruth Kalule is the reason for Farouk-Zari's latest woes. How much do women pay you to be their 'Gigoli', Do you know how long we've been with Ruth?

You don't even have 40 rands and you are here hawking your di k on facebook. Empty tins make a lot of noise, Farouk shot back. The caller assured Farouk that should he go to South Africa, they will hunt him down, this was when Farouk politely asked him if he was done so that he does not engage his cell phone anymore, but the caller just kept on abusing the muscle man, who was cool all the way.

Of all the women, you think I can love Ruth, Farouk asked, the caller together with another person laughing in the background told him that; You are busy taking selfies of yo weapon and displaying it on facebook for all to see, you pala! If you guys are in the bar, I would suggest you sober up and then call back so that we can talk, Farouk concluded.

The juggling of Europe and rands, the accent, the Gigoli bit let alone the topic of discussion in the phone chat speak volumes. I think it's super adorable, intruders get your level, " were Zari's words two days back and now just hours after splitting;. It all serves a purpose. Sometimes bad things bring about good change.. Just in case you are not aware, Zari and Farouk are no more.

The couple split yesterday and Ruth Kalule, Farouk's other gal is the reason behind their splitting. But I have faith, my guy is out there somewhere, he will come the right time. She put an LK4 tattoo on her upper thigh just to prove her love for him but things did not work out.

She then bounced back to Ivan before hooking the muscle man, Farouk Ssempala. They've been together for 10 months. Chances are, she will be bouncing back to Ivan now that on September 6, the couple kissed during Chameleone's show in South Africa.

It should also be recalled that the Zari White Party is around the corner and Zari needs the funds, so this really left Farouk with limited options but being chucked.

This did not go down well with Farouk who is also on holiday down South. The muscled man went on to ask the mom of three why she had to even get that close to her ex, Ivan Semwanga. When tasked to explain about the Ruth Affair, Farouk denied having any relationship with her. Zari had to place a conference call, so that the three Zari, Farouk and Ruth can acquaint themselves with the details.

Farouk continued to deny, but Ruth was forced to share Whatsapp messages clearly detailing the dealings between them. It was not long before Ruth's nud pic started doing rounds on social networks. This did not bother Ruth in anyway, because she said; "What will they gain, and Zari what picture is Farouk giving you about himself exposing women?. He has a daughter and you are both parents After proving beyond reasonable doubt that Farouk had had a flirt with Ruth, she went on to throw in the towel.

Ivan is now into hiding. Zari's ex-lover, Isaac Lugudde aka LK4 had planned to complete his apartments in six months. It should be noted though that good progress has been made.

Between the weather, inflated costs of building materials, running out of money, surpassing the budget, building isn't easy. My cousins house puts this project to shame, he knows who he is! Of the previous housemates, LK4 and Gaetano Kaggwa seem to be doing extremely well courtesy of the Big Brother exposure.

You don't need to be accepted by others. Could this be part of her White Party campaign, may be not, but now that the annual party is around the corner who knows. Looks like her fans will be treated to more of her body than the new model rides she used to flaunt back in the days.

White will be the dresscode for her white party that will be held on December 18, at Guvnor. For more of the white clothing trend and lingerie, you can check out Zari Jewels at Garden City basement on Yusuf Lule road. Pinto is their first born, he turned 11 on Aug 07, He demanded for a slumber party also known as a sleepover party, his parents did not disappoint, they did just that.

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We are ok and very much together. Meanwhile, Farouk is not happy with this development. The Sweetie Sweetie singer had her neck inked about a week back. It's a case of ex-flames avoiding each other. On Wednesday, Ivan was spotted at Club Venom on a serious hunt for hot babes. She folded the money and tried to push it inside her jacket sleeve around the wrist.

If you thought that leaking Zari's nud3 pics was a way of getting money from Farouk, then you were dead wrong. Some people out there who claim to have Zari's pics approached Farouk Sempala for a ransom or else they leak the pics, but Zari's new lover just gave them a go ahead, he also added, I won't pay you a penny.

I won't even pay you a coin simply because I don't negotiate with ''mind terrorists''. Do whatever you feel is right for you to do. I don't shake easily, after all, we all get nud3 at some point and she ain't any different from other females. All assets are where they were created to be, nothing new or weird," the muscled man concluded.

Now that Ivan is no more in Zari's life, she proudly refers to Farouk as my man. In one of her FB lines while commenting on Monic's leaked pics, Zari said: When Brenda was launching her latest song, she came running all over with nothing to wear, and just recently, Margla, who is expecting to download her set of twins this November announced the news in a similar manner, and then one asks Tuli kuki Oba?

A few weeks back, Farouk's crown jewels were on display for all to see after leaking online. It was too much for him that he had to fly down South to cool off. She is suspected to have leaked Farouk's pics that went viral, so is this a revenge of sorts? In the pics, the fashionista is in a hot pink 2 piece set pulled to the sides Monic is now attributing the blame on Zari and Farouk being behind the allegedly leaked pics, but when this got to Zari, the mom of three did not have kind words.

When other pples' pics leak, your the 1st ones to comment. When yours do, you switch the blame. So madam, Take full responsibility, no one undressed you. Zari is just a lost sheep looking for Sheperd in a lion's den. All White Ciroc Party. This year, it's all different.

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Gorgeous socialite, Zari Hassan is back in town doing what she does best-partying. Zari was over the weekend spotted in the company of her new lover, Farouk Sempala at Protea Hotel. They seemed to be having a quiet evening by themselves.

The two lovers were cruising in Zari's black Chrysler. Close pals are wishing they could have twins by around early , a period long enough to show off fruits of their labour. As expected, she came under fire with some saying she could as well bleach the brains plus all sorts of things.

Oh, now your legs too white. Then be like your eyebrows not well done. Oh you have a moustache wax it. Why you wearing fake hair when they also got weaves on Oh your nose too big.

Get a nose job. Oh, why your forehead like that. Why are you bleached? The latest on that list is Princess Komuntale who even says, I'm better looking now! This afternoon, Ivan Semwanga gave his followers a chance to ask him questions, but Zari's ex failed to answer any, may be he is still thinking of the answers.

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