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RoadMap to College Admissions! Score Plus Admissions consultants help you to gain admission to your dream school. We provide strategic admissions consulting advice, extensive personal statement review and editing, and invaluable guidance throughout the entire application process.

You select the services that best suit your needs, from a basic package focused primarily on your admissions essay to a comprehensive consulting package that grants you unlimited phone and email support with one of Score Plus's highly qualified admissions consultants. Distinguish yourself from other applicants and have Score Plus help you today! Your college admission starts at high school.

True, all that you do and you dont impacts your admissions. Beginning from 9th grade lets us help you discover career paths;, under take internships;, attend summer schools schools; and most importantly gain an unique spot through a concentrated effort on displaying 'academic curiosity' To summarize, we help you create this is developing your own roadmap to college.

Benefit from our holistic approach to admissions. We help you plan and build your essays by guiding you with structure, content, and insight. Keeping deadlines in mind, we remind you to work on and submit your essays early so that you have enough time to rewrite or make changes if necessary.

Then our editors will proof read , trim, and fine tune your essays to bring out the YOU in them. The best way to learn is interaction and constructive critic by experienced professionals which help you investigate and develop skills to meet expectations. The Princeton Review - Score Plus has a multitude of resources on site, a library, and online tools to help students. I was short on time and the staff at Score Plus really helped me schedule my classes in time so that I didn't miss the university deadline.

When I joined the course, I scored 22 points in Verbal and 45 points in Math, a total of out of Verbal classes helped me to achieve a solid increase to 35 points. I also got 49 points in Math and gained many techniques to save time and reduce stress. A big thank you to Mr. Rekha for their reliable insights and the staff at Score-Plus for their help! I really wish to thank the exceptional instructors for their encouragement- that gave me a lot of confidence.

My sincere thanks to the counselors and operations team for all the arrangements made for us. Thank you, once again. On my second attempt, I scored a -- a full 50 points higher than the first time. The Scoreplus staff was very helpful and scheduled me with a private Quantitative tutor to accommodate my unpredictable schedule. A huge thanks to Scoreplus!

But once thecourse began, what impressed me the most was the course delivery technique. We not only brushed up and fine tuned our basics, but also learnt the techniques and right approach towards answering the GMAT, which I think is crucial.

Not to mention, our TPR instructor answered all our endless questions and gave me valuable advice and insight about colleges and study locations. Of course, it goes without saying that to succeed in the GMAT, an equal effort should come from our end too.

I worked hard for the exam, but the key to cracking it and getting a high score was applying all the techniques taught to us and implementing them in the practice tests and finally in the GMAT. Now I can confidently say that the Princeton review ME was the right choice for me!

The tips and tricks were very helpful in eliminating the incorrect answers which are extremely critical in GMAT. In addition, the mock tests and online materials". I must acknowledge that Score Plus has had a significant contribution in the jump in my scores. I appreciate the effort put in by the tutors and the individual attention they provide to students. I found the course very meticulously structured with an appropriate schedule of classes and tests.

If followed regularly, its a great boost to ones scores, at least points. The OSC in particular is a quality online platform, very well crafted and outlined for one to improve ones test taking abilities. One of its best features is that it clearly displays ones low scoring areas in the tests. I took all the tests on the OSC and saw the improvement in scores as I moved along with my preparation. I would like to take this opportunity to personally offer my regards to Tim and Dennis for their very admirable guidance.

Lastly, I would like to thank the friendly staff at Score Plus for their support and encouragement. They have been very flexible in adjusting to any changes I sought during the course and have been very responsive to my queries at all times. The classes, materials and techniques I learnt were immensely helpful in clarifying my thoughts. I was able understand many concepts in depth, polish up many skills such as grammar, and refresh my knowledge of basic math formulae.

The insights that TPR teachers provided into the way the test questions are set up and the quickest and most efficient way to unravel them, were helpful too. I could standardize my responses, spot various "tricks" in the questions and really optimize my overall performance.

So its a sincere thanks to TPR for helping me achieve this important step on my journey to my dream business school. The teachers and center managers were very friendly and extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend. I really struggled with the Verbal section before joining and in the Diagnostic got a 28, and in the final test I got 38, most of the credit goes to the English faculty.

They helped me in assessing my weakness and build my strength in those areas. I had no clue as how to go about with the application procedure. They Helped me swim right through all the processes and I successfully secured admit in one of the world's renowned business schools.

Thank you Princeton review. The online prep material provided is excellent and covers all the topics. Preparing with the mix of other students who were at Princeton was very helpful - with a relatively small class size, everyone is given attention and comparing your progress with others in the class also goes a long way, it was encouraging and at times even a reality check telling me that I needed to study harder.

The teachers are well qualified and offered a lot of techniques - some of which were crucial to answering many questions on the GRE. The scheduled practice tests online are brilliant and very close to the actual GRE - performance on these practice tests will largely reflect how well you will ultimately do on the GRE. The Princeton Review ME helped me better understand and prepare for the test.

The flexible schedule for my individual classes ensured that I could attend my university classes and the GRE classes at the same time. My instructor guided me in preparing for both the Verbal and the Quantitative sections, as well as the Analytical Writing section. The course I undertook at The Princeton Review ME helped refresh my memory regarding basic mathematical concepts, improve my GRE vocabulary, and provide me with skills to assist me in Critical Reading sections.

My score, ranked 93rd percentile in Verbal Reasoning and 98th percentile in Quantitative Reasoning, is greatly owed to The Princeton Review ME, and specifically to my instructor's dedication and knowledge of the material, and the online practice provided by The Princeton Review ME.

The timely feedback on my essays, homework and mock test results helped me improve my strategies. Additionally, I found the course material very comprehensive and representative of the exam pattern. I must say the online content was phenomenal and very helpful in aiding my preparations, especially the Core tests and the drills.

They also helped me in managing the time, understanding the tricks and tackling the problems effectively in a limited time. The extreme flexibility that the Princeton Review was able to provide me with was something I would not have found at any other test prep institutions. The tutoring sessions were engaging, concise, and consistently productive. Overall the organization of tutoring, materials, and practically everything else fell perfectly into place.

I would definitely recommend Princeton Review. One month of intense coaching at Score Plus gave me the confidence to take on the SAT II exams and here Iam with the scores of out of for Maths and Chemistry and out of for Physics, which means a total score of out of the maximum possible This helped me secure admission at the National Institute of Technology in India without any difficulty. Advance preparation together with support and guidance from Score Plus helped me achieve this feat well in advance.

Thank you for helping me. In the sessions the faculty emphasized that I understood all the strategies to successfully navigate the exam and more importantly ensured that I was confident in answering any question using the process of elimination techniques. The classes were thorough and interesting, the material was very useful and the diagnostic tests were extremely helpful in gauging my development throughout the course. My tutors were also very knowledgeable and ultimately helped me achieve the grade I was aiming for.

The easy tips from the faculties have made it easy for me to crack the test. Thanks for your support. The coaching I received was central to my achievement.

I was particularly worried about verbal, but the tutors got rid of this premonition with ease and deciphered the "ETS jargon" , as she would say. She made me practice a lot and gave me timely feedbacks on every practice test I took. The Tutor for Quantitative classes were rather fun as he taught us tricks and short cuts to solve math problems quickly. All their advice and help came to great use on my test day. I gave 7 practice tests before I took the actual exam, this made the exam pattern well known to me.

Alongside my coaching class I was also attending the admission counseling service and by the day of my test they had shortlisted the best colleges for me and I was well aware as to which all colleges I would send my scores to.

I owe my result completely to my teachers and ScorePlus, it is all because of their support and guidance. Tutors are extremely professional and helpful and the course material provided both online and offline was detailed yet easy to use. While many people may suggest self-study as a cheaper alternative to a paid course, Score Plus - Princeton Review provides you with the extra edge you need to pass the GMAT with a better score.

Definitely, I have significantly enhanced my vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing skills over the course of 1 month with The Princeton Review tutors. The most useful part of the course was getting a grip on the techniques used to solve specific types of problem and the enormous amount of practice put behind it both inside and outside of class. I am extremely glad Mr. Jeff was there to guide me. One of the best investments for my preparation was to enroll for the classroom instruction based GMAT classes at Princeton Review.

The instructors provided with not only the required material to discipline yourself into the GMAT routine for the next months, but also created an inquisitive classroom environment through continuous engagement. Their course provides with numerous sample practice tests and most importantly, The Princeton Review helped me to develop a strategy to tackle the GMAT.

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