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A data model provides the structure and format of data. A database model defines how data is stored, organized and modified inside a database environment. Flat model, Hierarchical model, Network model, Relational model, Dimensional model, and Object-Relational model are some common types of database models used in the industry. A data structure diagram DSD provides graphical representation of database entities, their relationships and applicable constraints.

The graphical presentation includes boxes and arrows to represent entities and the relationship among them. Entity relationship modeling is a widely use modeling method of creating a data model.

The ERD is a powerful tool for communication between developers and database users. The primary components that are represented in an ERD are Entity — Can be a person, place, object, event, or concept about which data is maintained.

Attribute s — Property of an entity that is of interest to the business. Constraints Cardinality — A characteristic of a relation showing number of instances of one entity related to number of instances of another entity. Relationships and their characteristics together define the business rules represented in the ERD. Both entities and Relationships can have attributes that are represented in an ERD.

Identify the entities of the database according to the requirement of the organization or business. There are some general guidelines for naming the entities. The name of the entity should be a singular noun, concise for ease ; if abbreviations are used then it should be specific Spaces should be avoided. Define the characteristics of the entities by attributes The attributes can be singular noun or noun phrase It should be unique for a particular entity type. Build meaningful relationship among instances of one or more entities by creating relationship between them.

The relationships mirror business rules of the organization The relationship should be a verb phrase It should clearly explain the action being taken Cardinality - The relation can have one-to-one 1: Open the platform to draw the Entity Relation diagram. From the menu bar click on file and then new model. Again use the menu bar to click on model and choose add diagram.

Draw tables on the platform. The tables represent Business entities on the ERD. Select the table icon or press T from the vertical menu bar. Move the mouse to the platform and click on the location where you want to place the table.

Double click on the table to open a window table editor at the bottom. This window provides options to enter the table name entity. Add attributes to the tables Attributes of The same table editor provides options to add the columns attributes to the table entity. Select the proper data type and primary key Constraint. Select the data type for each attribute from the drop down list as per the requirement.

Select an attribute or group of attributes that uniquely identifies that table. That becomes the primary key for the table. Also select which attributes are non-null. Perform the same operation for all the remaining entities which have been identified as part of the business requirements.

Add relations to the tables Entities. Then click on the two tables one after other to add the selected relation between the tables. Repeat the same action to add remaining identified relationships Business rules among tables Entities. Save the entity relation diagram ERD. From the menu bar click on file, select save model as and give a proper file name to save the ERD.

To do this go to file, click on export and then select export as single page PDF. Give the file name and save it. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Carefully determine the type of relation as it is confusing.

Pay attention to the identifying and non-identifying relationships. Mark the primary keys and non-null keys. Follow the general guidelines for naming tables and columns. A best practice is to use capital for the first letter of each word. It is important to clearly identify all the entities about which the business wants to maintain data. Choose the data types properly.

It is important to define the all the necessary attributes of the entities and relationships. Warnings Incorrect identification of relationship type can lead to wrong data model which can result in incorrect data retrieval and will incur time overhead to fix. Incorrect identification of entities can lead to design complexities and time overhead. These can lead to incorrect data retrieval and incur time overhead to fix.

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  1. I think that your model 2 is fine, however you can take a look at the more complex model which stores questions and pre-made answers offered answers and allows them to be re-used in different surveys. The other thing I thought of was creating a Question table and Answer table.

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