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Alan Keller, alkerna gmail. Dexter Graham, Kansas , nigeria, classydexter yahoo. Alice Shandra 19 tokunbo ajayi str. Benedetto Edmondo, edmon live. Carl Andersson flyingcarl yahoo. Reid Williams reidwilliams78 yahoo. Adam Orson adorson99 yahoo. Paul Roberts luckiedad yahoo. Richy Giggs richygiggs21 yahoo. Lizzie Rosso, Ocean, lf hotmail.

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I model for a clothing here in Nigeria" re Sukker Clothing Company. Brian Jones, brjoness hotmail. O cashed at your bank then you can take the money to send at tyhe sic western union".

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Merly Jones, Lagos, Nigeria, juicyberry24, beyondthescreen yahoo. Christine Jones, christinesmile yahoo. Emmanuel George, Dakar Senegal. Joseph S Williams, jjserra hotmail. Debora Mabou, Dakar Senegal, deboramabou1 yahoo. Juliet Landone, juleelad yahoo. Chantal Veroniq, Sierra Leone, chantallveroniqqq yahoo. William Hetzer, "posing as an American photographer doing business in Nigeria. He claims to have had his wallet stolen, and needs money to get home.

His Yahoo e-mail is hetzer29 yahoo. Natasha from Omsk, natashadeva yahoo. Clara Martens, claramart yahoo. Tracy olu, no 10 church street victoria island , Lagos Nigeria, Lisa. Precious Coker, preciouscoker hotmail. Silvia Nkaje, silviankaje yahoo.

Kelvin Gazel , Accra , Ghana. Mariya Krohmalyova, dress42size yahoo. Nicholas hospital, Nigeria, 33,iceland avenue victoria island Lagos Nigeria Zip code Your presence in my life brings wonderful smiles and loving thoughts within my heart.

Do you know that Loving someone is like caring for a garden, love it too much or too little and it dies, but love it just right and it will live forever.. Nicole Johnson, re amateurmatch. This has never happend before. The Custom official said it's a law that was newly brought in by the Nigerian Government. Thats why i'm writting you in tears. Plz i don't know if you could be of real help to me in paying the remaining money..

I do not drink or do any drugs". I'm looking for something meaningful and lasting. If this is what your looking for, don't hesitate to help me with the hotel bills She also asked me to put a handwritten letter and some photos of mine in the package. Mark Abdul Smith, Nigeria. Clark Consultants, Justonly1nonly yahoo.

Elliot George, "You brought love and laughter to my empty, sad and boring life. My heart had known only emptiness until the day you came and filled my heart to overflowing with your jovial ways. He claims to be a car exporter", but e-mails from Ghana. Benson Adams, benzyadams yahoo. Loveth Kwame "single and never marriad, i am from Liberia in west Africa and presently residing in the Ndioum refugee camp here in Cote D'lvoire where i am seeking political asylum The Doctor said she needs a blood transfusion and that i have to pay the sum of Dollars as part payment without which she can not be treated right now what i have with me is just and i have tried written my Bank and they will not give me a Dine if i dont sign i have tried everything i can to get the from here but i cant i dont know what to do Abby Jones another model stuck in Nigeria!

Scam, failed , U. Lisa George, lisaukpaka yahoo. Ukpabio Edinam, Niger State, Nigeria. John Barry, son of the king of Ogoni land! Victoria udeh, Victoriaudeh02 yahoo. Steve Williams who is the pastor of the Christ the Saviour Mission here in the refugee camp" misionpas yahoo. Mary Vicky Jones, maltababy yahoo.

Mabel Yvonne, Senegal, maby. This one claims to be in love with me and wants me to send money so he can return to the US. Second, these guys are really trying hard! The first one Steven was supposedly shot during a business deal. The second Judge is to be Steven's lawyer. The third Micheal is his pastor. Alice Stephine Williams, Alice S. May '05 mail from a lady who became a target of the fraudsters. This demonstrates some of the techniques used by the criminals.

It is followed by the answers to a few questions raised by the complainant. I told him the banks should be able to cash it; if they wouldn't, that the client should be able to give him the cash instead of a money order since it took cash to purchase it. We kept on communicating even though I wouldn't agree to do anything.. I have 85 men now on my Ignore List for my Yahoo Instant Messenger, most of who have been headed in the direction of asking to send me a money order or cheque -- I just never let the conversation go beyond that..

I would like to know if you know anything about this kind of business going on? I didn't see anything in what I read that matched what I have been dealing with. After I had been communicating with the man that originally contacted me before all the others for awhile, I gave him my address to send a money order to me that his "client" was to have issued in my name and mailed to me.. I believe it's been close to a month now since it was supposed to have mailed.. I also believe that the picture on his yahoo profile is not the picture of the man I have talked with on the phone..

I know I could be wrong, but somehow I don't feel the voice matches the man in the picture.. This is going on A west African man is sitting at a PC in an Internet cafe or public library maybe in Lagos, or maybe just around the corner. He'll be using typically Yahoo Instant Messenger and Yahoo web mail. He may well have a cell 'phone on the desk, to take calls from potential victims he has been grooming.

He has invented an identity and scoured the Web for a suitable snapshot to mail you. He wants your money and will invent ridiculous stories to try to get you to send it via Western Union.

He will have obtained a false ID and he, or a fellow criminal, will present this at a Western Union agency, pick up the cash and move on to the next victim.

If you voice suspicions, he will strenuously deny that he is a fraudster. What can you do to make life difficult for the criminals? It would be good to get their accounts suspended. I encourage all those who have been approached by the fraud criminals to report these creeps.

Any decent dating site will immediately close the offender's account. By reporting, you will not only help unsuspecting potential victims but will cost the criminals some money!

They will lose whatever registration fees they have paid to the dating site and this is a good result! Another concerned lady writes as follows: Weston, I think I have recently become the target of a Yahoo Personals fraudster. About two months ago, I met this wonderful man online He has an ad on Yahoo personals posing as a native american man originally from Pinehurst, NC.

After about a month, he supposedly went to Marina, Lagos, Nigeria to do some work for Shell Petroleum who he is a petro-chemical engineer for.

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He won my sympathy early on by telling me his young wife had been killed two years ago in a car crash, and he is very lonely. I thought it strange when he began talking about receiving money orders from "clients in the USA" and wanted me to cash some of them in and wire the money to another client of his in Nigeria, as the banks there could not cash them without potentially losing the money.

I had agreed to help him before actually checking any of it out. He'd put out a very good-looking picture of a man on his personals ad where I found him I have never quite believed it all as it seems to good to be true.

His English is a little bit bad, for someone of British descent anyway. Last night he began asking me to send him 1, USD to help out a man he knows whose wife is sick in the hospital with cancer. I told him to get Shell to loan the man or him some money and that I would not send it to someone I've never met. I believe he is one of those sitting in an internet cafe, trying to bilk women or others out of their money by sending them checks that might not actually clear.

My bank told me not to cash them if any ever do arrive. He goes by the handle Donrikky1 yahoo. The site also has a section to find Golf properties for golf players! However they recently added a section for vacation rental properties. Although it is mostly serving USA and only fewer parts of other countries with limited no. This website is a subsidiary of HomeAway. An Aussie website Stayz. The site was founded in and later acquired by HomeAway, inc. The site also offers vacation rental properties from other countries and connecting Holidaymakers and Holiday home owners online.

Their English website started in Currently site lists more than properties and quickly growing. The site acquired another Canada based holiday rental website iStopOver to enter in North American market. All accommodations booked through 9Flats are insured by Zurich an insurance company.

The site claim to list more than vacation rental properties from more than 85 countries on their website.

Paris introduces a new eco-sticker system for vehicles | This is Money

The site offers happy home guarantee and lowest price guarantee. Users can also find some last minute deals on this site. Vacation home owners can easily list their vacation property by opening an account. The site claim to list more than vacation homes on their website. The site was independently created in but acquired by Homeaway group in Wimdu claims to list more than properties on its website. The website started in with headquarter in Germany.

The site is offered in 15 different languages with many regional mirror websites. Currently it has more than users. Having over 40, vacation rental listings spread over 3, destinations concentrated in Asia and Europe, Roomorama. You can look up the site if you are looking for an apartment or private home abroad.

Users can find vacation rental properties or owners hosted rentals. Renter can sign up an account to book any property while owner can create account to list their properly on website. The site only lists luxury vacation properties for travellers with luxury in mind.

They currently have villas and vacation properties from more than 40 destinations. The site is based in Montreal, Canada and online since This UK based website founded in and offers more than vacation homes from 85 countries. They also offer late vacation rental deals. The site claim to have half million customers and sold more than 2 million nights. The best aspect of CyberRentals.

By Rob Hull For Thisismoney. While most British holidaymakers driving in France will give Paris a wide berth, a sizeable number will make a trip into the city - and they will now find they need to sign up to an emissions scheme, or that older cars may even be banned. The Crit-Air scheme requires all vehicles — cars, lorries, motorcycles and buses — to display a round sticker, or vignette, in the windscreen that confirms which emissions group the vehicle fits into by the colour of the badge.

Have you got a sticker? And it's not just Paris. Grenoble and Lyon have already introduced the Crit'Air scheme from 1 January , which splits vehicles into six different groups depending on their Euro Emissions standard.

Paris followed suit with mandatory stickers and potential fines from Monday, with mayor Anne Hidalgo determined to reduce pollution in the capital by restricting access for old cars and lorries.

A total of 22 other French towns are also mulling over introducing the emissions certification system by , which would ultimately make applying for a sticker almost a necessity if you're planning to drive to France from the UK for holidays.

Only the greenest electric and hydrogen-powered cars sit in the lowest category, not defined by a number but showing a green badge. London has plans in place for an ultra low emissions zone, which will also hit cars seen as the most polluting - and older vehicles - in the area currently within the Congestion Charge zone. Cars will have to meet it or pay a daily charge. Plans have also been consulted on to extend this out to the wider London area too, potentially limiting cars within the bounds of the North and South Circular.

A public consultation on this closed on 16 December and a statutory consultation is now due. Vehicles that are deemed too polluting to fit into any of the bands — which includes petrol and diesel-powered cars registered before — will not be granted a sticker at all and are therefore banned from Paris during certain times. These vehicles that fail to fit meet the emissions limits of even the highest Crit-Air group will not be allowed access to the capital between 8am and 8pm, Monday to Friday.

As well as these older cars, motorcycles and scooters registered before and buses and trucks before will also not be granted a vignettes. The RAC said it believes that nine per cent of French vehicles are too old to get a sticker at all. Euro 2 and 3 diesel models that sit in the highest numbered Crit'Air brackets could also face restricted access to the city as the rules become progressively tighter towards French police have already been enforcing on-the-spot fines to motorists who have no displayed an eco-vignette on their car.

The categories correspond to the six European Union emission standards for cars — dating back to when Euro-1 was introduced. An English-language site is, however, due to be in operation as of 1 February.

The six groups are split by colour, though older vehicles that fail to meet any of the six emissions criteria will not be able to drive into Paris between 8am and 8pm under the new directive.

The new system has not gone down well with certain groups — none more so than classic car enthusiasts. Around have staged a motorcade of vintage vehicles in protest to the new rules, under the banner: In order to apply for a sticker online drivers will need to know the European Emissions Standard of their vehicle.

Owners of older models will need to find out when their vehicle was manufactured and check it with the emissions bands on the Certificat-air website. According to the motoring group, some , vehicles are driven in the French capital every day.

As a direct result, pollution has been so severe on occasions that the authorities have banned vehicles from driving in the city based on whether their number plates are odd or even. For more information about the Crit'Air scheme you can go to the French website ahead of the launch of the imminent English version: The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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  1. This pierced me, because I recently spent about three years engrossed in my hatred of a person that harmed and hurt me. Giovanni Owen, Ata Raphael, owengiovanni2 facebook.

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