How to tell your ex husband you are dating

How to Tell An Ex-Spouse You're Dating

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10 Signs Your Ex is Dating Someone else Love

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After the first year things just went sour and we hung in there for 2 more years just with the hopes that things would some how magically get better. Well anyhow this was all back in November we have tried to remain friends but all we have done since is fight about the same stuff we fought about when we were together.

Now about a month ago I met a great guy, smart, funny, well read, articulate, kind, just an all around good guy. We started to hang out and just get to know each other.

The new guy knows about the ex, as I know about his, because we all have them and is just really great. At first I did not know where things were headed with us but things are starting to get somewhat serious, we are now exclusively dating. The thing is I recently told my ex that I was seeing someone new, because I wanted him to hear it from me and not one of our mutual friends. The thing that has me worried is he started talking about killing himself, I called his mother and told her to check in on him cause it really has me worried.

But should I call him and check in with him, or have I done all I can and should I just check out, will it just make it worse for him if he knows I still care enough to care? From my past experiences, when I was that 'ex' that went crazy when she found out he'd moved on I threatened to kill myself blah blah blah, but all I really wanted was attention from my ex. I'm guessing this is his way of getting your attention, and he got it.

You should be the bigger person and ignore it and don't indulge in it. You can check with his mother if you're that seriously concerned, but please don't call him and check up on his personally because he'll begin to create false hopes that you'll get back together and this is the period of time you want to squash that idea so that he isn't constantly hoping you'll come back. I hope that helped a little bit. If he chooses to make a selfish decision like that, it's because of something within him, not because of you.

If he cared for you, he'd be happy you were brave enough to let someone else in after you two failed. You deserve to have your new romance bring you all the happiness you were missing. If you reinforce his drama, it will continue and may even escalate with "suicidal gestures" to evoke pity. Be happy that you're happy. You're only responsible for your own happiness and welfare. He needs help and not the kind that you can provide by wasting even one minute on his issues.

You'll just be his crutch and may prevent him from moving on and getting over you. Don't let him detract anything from your new relationship!! Enjoy it and congrats!! I could see how showing that you don't care would make it worse in his mind though. I wouldn't be inclined to take any suicide threat lightly - better safe than sorry, in my opinion. What if you didn't take it seriously, and then you found out he actually did it?

I don't see the harm in calling to check in with him, but I would also tell mutual friends in addition to his mother. I have a thought - I would book him an appointment with a counsellor and then tell him after you've booked it that he should go, and give him the phone number for a suicide hotline. Tell him you did it because he mentioned suicide. Also, because this person can help him deal with this whole situation even if he does retract the suicide threat.

At least that way, if he really is suicidal, he has at least has the options there to help him, and then you can't feel like you have to be the one to watch over him to make sure he doesn't do it.

And then he can call a professional if he feels himself overwhelmed instead of calling you. In his head you were probably just rubbing it in. Ignore it and go on with you life. If he's playing the suicide card, he's reinforcing the fact that it was smart of you to break up with him From now on, when you break up, you break up. This is the kinda thing that otherwise happens. I would not touch your ex with a 10ft pole at this point.

He is a legal adult isn't he? He is talking about killing himself because he is upset and wants attention. Next time he says it, tell him that it would be foolish and you are not going to listen to him talk like that.

He he stays on it tell him your hanging up or walking away because you don't want to here it. He is an ex and not your problem anymore.

If he should be stupid enough to do it, its not your fault. Look, anyone who says they're going to commit suicide, whether they mean it or not, needs to be taken seriously! If the person actually did it, you would feel horrible, and it would not be that easy to just chuck those feelings aside. People who never lived through something like that, could never possibly know what it feels like to be the recipient on the other end of someone who actually takes their life. So, instead of questioning it with 'so-called' pros in a forum Then, let them do their thing!

But, you need to be aware that he needs help, if he's saying things like that. It doesn't matter what he thinks, or how he thinks. Just do it for him and yourself, before you regret it! All of the things that he said to you AFTER he found out you were seeing someone is, like you said, crap. He's most likely not going to kill himself, and it was a good idea to tell him mother to check in on him because you're worried about him, but you should not check in on him yourself. If you call him he'll know that you still care enough to check in on him and he will continue to find ways to manipulate you and pull you back into a relationship that is going nowhere.

One of my good friends is in that kind of relationship right now with her ex that she has been broken up with for 2 years. He calls and asks her to hang and annoys her until she says yes and then they fight the whole time they are out.

When she meets someone when we go out, his friends will go back and tell him they saw her exchanging phone numbers with someone and he'll call her talking about how he's going to kill himself and she'll go to his house to check on him and the cycle continues.

The Moral of the story is: To gloat or show him that you can find someone who's compatible with you? Or just to hurt him? First of all, he is your ex because you both can get along, simple as that. What explaination or reason do you feel you owe him? Do you think he will return the favor of letting you know if he finds someone special? Its amazing how ex's act when theyre egos are crushed.

This guy just wants to cling on to someone who he knows he can cry and whine to. You owe it to yourself and your new friend to focus on getting to know and enjoying each others company rather than dealing with your ex baggage. Nothings more boring than sitting around listening to someone whine about their ex's , i can think of better topics.

Apparently both you and your new boyfriend cant let loose of your ex baggage, very sad indeed. Find out that he's ok through his mother only. How interesting he couldn't stop himself from calling you and recognize only pure ego and not that he really wants you that motivated his response. He doesn't want you and he doesn't want anyone else to have you either. Michael Jackson sang this sickness in childhood. If you haven't contacted his mother or another close relative, you should do it so that they can look out for him.

Then you need to walk away and let his relatives take care of it. When you break up with someone you can only be "friends" if both of you is really done with the relationship. It does not seem like your ex- is done, and that's the reason for his desperation. If he really is suicidal, the feeling of loss of control isn't helping things.

Your ex-'s problems are not your fault, but if he is not over you, it is important that you stay away for the sake of his mental health. Those are the ones who DON'T tell anyone and leave a note explaining what was so dark in their lives that they couldn't face another day or leave no note at all. I see examples of both kinds on a weekly basis. The "attempts" are usually a cry for help, attention or to divert scrutiny from some other drama they're dealing with in their lives.

Telling someone that "if you don't do this, I'm going to do that" is just plain manipulation and emotional blackmail. It's the child throwing himself on the floor and having a tantrum until he gets what he wants.

If it's reinforced, it becomes a pattern. You told his mother, that's important. Say a prayer for him Don't bother checking in with him because if he cared about you, he wouldn't be talking like that. He'd be happy for you instead. I had "one of those". He called me at work and told me everything he was doing. It got to the point where I thought to myself, "this man needs serious help". Then he pulls this "I'm gonna kill myself" thing.

I can't help you there" People will not kill themselves because they lost a loved one

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  1. At first I did not know where things were headed with us but things are starting to get somewhat serious, we are now exclusively dating. Should they please you?

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