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Scientists have studied and proven pheromone and attraction compatibility for many decades. We're using real science to cure bad first-dates!

The whole point of dating is to get to know a person to see if he or she is a good enough fit for you in the long-run. As the new, modern craze, online dating aims to streamline that whole get-to-know-each-other part by splitting it into smaller, more digestible chunks.

In many ways, online dating puts you ahead of the game. We are taking Houston by storm! However, any form of online dating is still a challenge for many people.

Love is a walk in the park for everyone. It has its fair share of complications all too familiar us. So, if you are a single in Houston looking to try out online dating services, you might want to familiarize yourself with the following unspoken online dating rules: The golden rule of online dating is pretty simple — no matter who you meet, never take the word of any stranger you meet online on the face value.

The same principles apply to your interactions on the online. Trust Your Gut Feeling — As they say, better safe than sorry! Not only does an incomplete profile limit your prospects of finding suitable dates, but most people become suspicious when you hide basic information.

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They might mistake it for a "fake" or catfish profile. That might be a fair conclusion from their perspective. After all, nobody wants to be fooled or taken advantage by a creep, right? People tend to be more open with themselves online. It is okay — even encouraged — that you share your profession, hobbies, taste in music and movies, as well as general likes and dislikes. Take a moment and think about what really defines you.

First and foremost, Pheramor focuses on matching individuals on their most unique aspect — genetics and personality. You can perhaps tell from your own experience with social media sites that users can quickly connect with people whose profile pictures pique their interest. What makes the perfect profile picture? Is there a science to selfies?

Here are some quick tips: Think About the Setting - Avoid the classic bathroom selfies. Most people see them as trashy. Be aware of the background of your shot and how it might influence matches.

If you took the picture in your bedroom, did you make your bed and clear the floor? Every detail counts in the right image.

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If you love the outdoors and adventuring is a big part of your standards, show yourself camping or on a hike! Your picture should do more than just show you physically. Let it paint the story of your life. The first message is the single most crucial factor that determines the initial impression you make.

Volg het nieuws terwijl het gebeurt.

Unfortunately, most people screw up at this point. Just as in traditional dating, we can get nervous or overconfident and scare off our dates. Sending an appealing first message is not exactly rocket science.

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Just focus on the following points, and you will do just fine: Writing long paragraphs for introduction will scare off most people and waste your time.

Keep it to a one-sentence minimum. Watch for Good Grammar and Spelling — While this might sound trivial, bad grammar and too many spelling mistakes make you seem lazy or uneducated. Everyone understands that the digital world is more casual than in person - but put some effort to sound like an adult!

Use the Right Tone - Be yourself and use the same tone as you would use while talking in person. Be Smart in Your Compliments - Be cute and honest. Which leads us to our last point… Be Ready for Rejection - If the match suddenly drops communication or rejects you, be polite and take it as a learning experience.

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Pheramor is a great opportunity to bring single together and find your true love. You eventually want to go from the digital world to ultimately sharing every part of life together.

Although it can be scary meeting someone for the first, here are some things to consider: Have your first meeting in a public place. Geographical Barriers - Ask yourself, how physically far away are they from you?

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Are you willing and able to meet them halfway? Long-distance relationships can be very stressful. Make The Date Worth It! Your match might have to change their schedule or travel far to get to you. Make it worth their while by really investing in the occasion.

The opposite - overdoing the date - could scare them as well! You might want to try surprising the person by centering the occasion around your mutual interests. This guide will cover macOS. However, I will cover the Kali install on a Raspberry Pi another time, as it requires a lot of dependencies and needs the sound cards to be working properly.

The macOS build is more straightforward. My macOS listening post build relies on the ability to decode digital data we intercept live to listen in on conversations.

To do so, we will focus on one common type of signal we hope to intercept — digital audio. Digital audio constitutes a signal of interest because it's frequently used by police and security organizations for communication and is often not encrypted since they are encoded.

This, of course, is silly since encoding can be easily broken. In my city, police do not encrypt dispatch except for tactical channels, it's just encoded as digital audio, so we'll use DSD to break the code live and listen in to their communications.

Someone might point out that there are websites where you can stream these kinds of signals decoded by someone with a fancy, expensive radio and streamed digitally. That's great, but the stream is from a third party provided over the internet. Source your own data. For the cost of an SDR tuner and the software to run it, you can target specific agencies in your area for data collection.

GQRX, as pictured above in Kali, required a ton of dependencies. Want to compile them for hours? Me neither, so we'll install them using MacPorts. There is also a version available via Homebrew , but I was disappointed to find it didn't work properly. First thing's first, MacPorts. Head to the MacPorts homepage and download the appropriate version, ensuring you've downloaded and installed Xcode and the Xcode Command Line Tools.

You may get errors while installing, as I did. For my Mac, this took six tries. Each time I chewed through more dependencies before getting an error and having to start the command over, and each time the list of dependencies got smaller until finally, they were all installed. Eventually, your resolve will defeat the machine and you will finish installing the complete list of dependencies. Thanks to Hugh Dev, there is a nicely documented way to install a speech decoder via Homebrew.

To install Homebrew, run the following in terminal ignore the giant spaces if you see them, they're just once space each:. Once this is complete, we can install DSD. Run the following commands in terminal to install DSD:. Run "dsd -a" to see a list of available audio sources. We'll need this later to connect the audio from our receiver too. In this case, it's pretty straightforward.

If you try to start capture in GQRX with the wrong settings enabled, it will likely crash. Click on the hardware configuration tab the green chip icon next to the "play" symbol on the top left of the screen and enter the configuration to match the following configuration. Due to something I did, I'll remind you to turn down your audio, take out any headphones, and turn down the gain. For practice, tune to a channel between 88 and MHz, the standard range for FM radio.

Set the "mode" to FM mono or stereo depending on which sounds better , and click on a strong signal you can see in that range.

You should hear audio play. You're tuning into public broadcasts. Explore up and down the frequency to start finding other unencoded broadcasts, using the guide above to understand the signals you find. Look up what frequencies emergency services in your area use and navigate to that set of frequencies. If you live in a city like I do, this should be lit up with transmissions that look like "waterfalls" of data rather than waveforms of FM transmissions.

In these frequencies, you may find unencoded dispatch frequencies and private security company two-way radio communication as well, but you must switch modes to hear it. Switch "mode" to narrow FM and try tuning into an unencoded audio stream if one is available. If one is not, target a waterfall that looks like the one in the picture below.

Look for streams that turn on and off.

Always-on streams are usually trunk relay units or other logistics-related data transmissions that aren't human voices we can decode.

Once you find a promising one, let's try decoding it.

RTL Nieuws-verslaggevers kijken terug op Over de hele wereld wordt kerst gevierd, zoals hier op de ijsbaan bij het Rockefeller Center in New York.

Kerstloterij El Gordo, met 's werelds grootste jackpot, is in Spanje het gesprek van de dag. Virgil van Dijk naar Liverpool voor recordbedrag van 85 miljoen euro. EOD rukt uit voor kilo illegaal vuurwerk in huis in Arnhem. Complete gezinnen binnen met griep: Veel agressie in Nederlandse vliegtuigen: Oud-piloot Siem had een schuimbekkende man aan boord 'Ik heb hem aan zijn stoel vastgebonden'. Ronald en Rens zijn vuurwerkfanaten 'Ik heb wel eens euro uitgegeven'. Nee, ik heb vakantie.

Nee, ik heb geen werk. Shenara lag met kerst in ziekenhuis na aanrijding 'Dader, meld je alsjeblieft'. Live nieuws 0 Live nieuws. Voormalig international Dries Boussatta heeft zijn deze week geboren zoontje genoemd naar Abdelhak Nouri, de Ajax-voetballer die deze zomer in elkaar zakte op het voetbalveld en daar ernstig hersenletsel aan overhield.

De griep is weer in het land. Bij Geertje van Kammen voelden ze 'm vorige week donderdag al aankomen toen haar broertje drie keer moest overgeven voor hij naar de kerstviering op school kon.

De kerstdagen vielen in het water, zegt Geertje. Maar elk nadeel heeft zijn voordeel: Het moet de hoogste Lego-toren ooit zijn: In een huis in Arnhem heeft de politie liefst kilo illegaal vuurwerk gevonden. De bewoner is aangehouden. Strandwandeling 26 december Even eruit: Brrr… 25 december Een vrouw neemt een ijskoude duik in een halfbevroren meer in het noordoosten van China.

Zomerse kerst 25 december Op Bondi Beach bij Sydney vier je kerst gewoon op het strand. Kortste dag 22 december Bij Stonehenge vieren vele honderden mensen de winterzonnewende. Gekte in Spanje 22 december Kerstloterij El Gordo, met 's werelds grootste jackpot, is in Spanje het gesprek van de dag.

De opvallendste nieuwsfoto's, geselecteerd door de redactie van RTL Nieuws. Beste vrienden blijken broers: De Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport checkt of het consumentenvuurwerk wel veilig en volgens de regels is. Mulder won de race in een tijd van 34,49, gevolgd door Verbij als nummer twee 34, Wereldkampioen Jan Smeekens kan zich dankzij de derde tijd 34,87 normaal gesproken eveneens gaan verheugen op olympische deelname.

Liverpool neemt de Nederlandse verdediger Virgil van Dijk per 1 januari over van Southampton, heeft Liverpool woensdag bekendgemaakt. De 'Reds' zijn tot een akkoord gekomen met Van Dijk en zijn club. Nederlands kampioene De Jong won de spannende strijd in Thialf in een tijd van 4. De Tweede Kamer wil opheldering over de bijdrage van enkele tientallen miljoenen euro's van de Nederlandse staat aan een reorganisatie van de Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij NAM.

Het plan is om gevangenen terug te laten keren naar hun families, waarmee het de grootste ruil is sinds de burgeroorlog in uitbarstte. Het zogeheten compoundvuurwerk, samengestelde vuurwerkpakketten waarvan de lonten in de fabriek worden doorverbonden, is enorm in trek. Het mag dit jaar voor het eerst legaal worden verkocht. De politie heeft een verdachte aangehouden in de zaak van de vrouw zaterdag die dood werd gevonden op straat in Tilburg.

Het gaat om ene jarige man uit Tilburg. De makers van het radioprogramma Nieuws en Co hebben vanmiddag stilgestaan bij het plotselinge overlijden van presentator Joost Karhof, die als vaste invaller het programma vaak presenteerde.

Er werden fragmenten uitgezonden en collega Pim van Galen van Den Haag Vandaag vertelde over zijn collega. Niet gek als je bedenkt dat de helft van de Nederlanders maar werkt deze week. Bijna keer was er dit jaar al een incident met een passagier die zich misdroeg op een Nederlandse vlucht. Als het toestel eenmaal in de lucht is, kun je met zo'n lastige reiziger natuurlijk geen kant op. Wat kan en mag het personeel dan doen? Aan boord van Nederlandse vliegtuigen gebeuren per dag ongeveer drie geweldsgerelateerde incidenten.

Dit jaar waren er tot nu toe van zulke voorvallen met lastige vliegtuigpassagiers, blijkt uit cijfers die RTL Nieuws heeft opgevraagd bij de Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport ILT. Oud-piloot Siem Nieuwenhuijse maakte in de 33 jaar dat hij de wereld over vloog verschillende gewelddadige passagiers mee. Een Afrikaanse man was volledig door het lint gegaan. Van de vier terreurverdachten die zondag in Rotterdam werden opgepakt, zijn er twee weer vrijgelaten.

De twee anderen worden morgen voorgeleid. Alle vier blijven ze voorlopig wel nog verdachte. Shape of You van Ed Sheeran was afgelopen jaar de grootste hit in de Top Het nummer stond er 28 weken in, waarvan 15 weken op nummer 1.

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