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43 Best Episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Bio Preview and More 14 December Psychopaths Unite in Creepy Strangers 2: Prey at Night Poster 14 December Best-looking guys on TV currently. Do you have a demo reel? Add it to your IMDbPage. How Much Have You Seen? How much of Glenn Howerton's work have you seen? User Polls April Fool's Face-off: The gang from Sunny vs. Serenity Lilac Young Tough. Actor Writer Producer Soundtrack Self.

Show all episodes. Show all 13 episodes. Winchester Goes to Washington Other Co-Worker at Meeting voice, uncredited.

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Show all 31 episodes. Animal Control Guy 1 voice. High Voltage Doctor uncredited. Dancing Guy Video short Dennis. TV Movie Paul Webster. Nick Cooper - Freefall Show all 6 episodes. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia TV Series developer - episodes, - written by - 36 episodes, - developed by - 29 episodes, - story - 6 episodes, - - Dennis' Double Life The wrestling match in general is a success, from the ridiculous Birds of War performance that starts it off that leaves everyone clueless, to the ultra serious conclusion of it all where it looks like Rickety Cricket is murdered when Frank operating as TRASHMAN nicks his neck open with a garbage can.

In the end The Lawyer screws them all with clauses in their contract. So many good moments and all the characters personalities are in full swing but nothing beats Charlie in his legal sparring with The Lawyer. I love when Charlie plays lawyer in the series. Mac is forced to live amongst the filth of Charlie and Frank and Dennis come dangerously close to eating an apple skin.

Dee also struggles to get a cat out of her wall. This is a hard one to pick. Naturally the scene where Dennis breaks down his system in the first place deserves a special place in Always Sunny history, but what I love so much here is how Dennis truly believes that he is the most attractive person on the planet.

There are moments in this episode where Dennis is trying to pull off sexual schemes and you actually see him moving his hands to himself, like a conductor would an orchestra. His delusion has hit new levels. While this might seem like a rather disastrous premise, the episode takes the idea to plenty of unexpected places, and unsurprisingly the bulk of this episode sees them landlocked with the promise and planning of what you can do with a boat being a lot shinier than actually using that boat.

One of my favorite developments through Always Sunny has been the gradual realization that Dennis is probably a serial killer. The episode goes to some interesting territory as these characters try to seek independence and rise above their meager surroundings, with Dave Foley doing a flawless job as the beleaguered principal.

Throw in some Jugalos and how can you go wrong? A concept that would get elaborated on much further in the series, this perfect example of poorly done amateur filmmaking the fact that Mac and Dennis switch roles mid-film is just glorious is just a delight that you wish would never end.

Being a bar-back has its drawbacks. In appreciation of all that Charlie does, the Gang throws him a surprise Charlie Day, complete with denim chicken, a worm hat, and a brand-new rat-smashing bat.

The episode has become a fan favorite for being yet another look into the usual life of Charlie Kelly, a life that almost no one envies. Dennis and Charlie evading the lust of a lonely trucker played by Tom Sizemore.

That no one was split open like a coconut is the real win here. And what better place to show that than the Jersey shore? Skewering the magic of sitcom vaction episodes, the shore is a place where homeless people bang under the boardwalk, the lotion taste like tequila, and Charlie has a real shot with the waitress. There are so many great interactions in this episode, but Frank watching his rum ham float away says more than any other line of dialogue could. Which, yes, was a child.

Frank needs to make this pageant look legitimate or he could go down too. Obviously the gang gets involved after deciding that the right to put tan toddlers in tiny bikinis for child pageantry is truly American.

Kaitlin Olson - IMDb

It ends in lots of panting which only adds to inappropriateness of the whole thing. An impressive episode and absolute love letter to these broken characters sees the Gang stuck inside on a rainy day. They begin playing Chardee MacDennis, a board game they created, which has a tendency to bring out the best and worst in them all. The ultimate payoff at the end here where the pristine game pieces of Dennis and Dee are put through the wringer holds a good deal of catharsis behind it, but every moment of someone trying to flip over the nailed down board game might take the cake.

The fact that such a precaution has been worked into the game shows how well they all know each other. This is some pretty classic gang behavior. Dee takes the guys to a hip gin bar with no sign. The gang gets rowdy as usual, arguing about Zuckerberg and the Internet and how terrible gin is when a fellow bar patron shushes them. The search sends Dee and Mac on a wild goose chase through internet catfishes while Charlie and Dennis decide to search on foot to shush in his face.

The best scene, though, is definitely Charlie and Dennis in the police department making an assault claim in order to get a drawing of the shusher to paste around the neighborhood.

The ultimate reality check for the Gang is a pretty humbling, depressing experience, as one might imagine. Everyone goes through some scathing disappointment with Dennis taking it the hardest although Dee is in a rather awful back brace through the whole thing, too. We get to see the Gang continually faced with the images of other people doing something with their lives, and they begin to spiral downward while trying to grab anyone with them.

The later seasons of Always Sunny have without a doubt seen the series adopt a more self-aware, meta embracing mentality to itself.

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This episode truly goes deep inside the sole of the gang and really amps up each of their individual issues. Okay this is hard. In a crew full of losers and idiots, Charlie is the biggest loser and idiot-est idiot.

Top 10 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Episodes - IGN

This sets Dennis into a predictable and predictably sexual downward spiral. I erased all of your people. You guys all have the same password: I thought it was really stupid. And it really is just sort of that simple. I ended the game. Sometimes things just sort of end. A sea turtle floating in outer-space during the end credits. Meanwhile, Frank and Charlie have decided to do the same thing at the very same restaurant and Dee is dining alone at said restaurant thanks to a popular Groupon.

Is there any contest? Always Sunny is often at its best when it has stories that have dueling nonsense going on through them. Here we see ridiculousness dressed up as logic as the gang creates a mock trial pitting Dennis against Frank in a ridiculous cereal-based situation. All of the satisfying courtroom tropes are explored, as well as each member skewing the trial idea in their own idiotic way.

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Charlie asks what they should do with that information. You just stuff it deep down inside and keep an eye on it. His elaborate sex scene, for instance, deserves mention.

When any series has been on for ten years, you find yourself trying to challenge yourselves and push your boundaries, not only as storytellers, but as filmmakers, too. This episode is a dazzling embrace of how much work Charlie actually does for the Gang, as the arrival of the health inspector looms on the bar.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Series) - TV Tropes

Uh, the entire thing? So why not let the whole thing stand for itself? Dee is dressed like a man, Dennis is putting on mascara, Charlie is eating worms, and the gang is off to a party on a boat. Dennis is set on not missing the boat and when he sees it pull away from the dock, he drives his amphibious land vehicle straight into the water.

Glenn Howerton - IMDb

They decide to go off on their own and try to become the people they want to be.

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List of my most attractive female celebrities. Do you have a demo reel? Add it to your IMDbPage. How Much Have You Seen? How much of Kaitlin Olson's work have you seen? User Polls April Fool's Face-off: The gang from Sunny vs. Workaholics When you are in a tight situation do not call these people Favorite TV bartender? Part 3 John "Mr. Known For Finding Dory Destiny. Coyote Ugly Bidding Customer. Actress Producer Soundtrack Self Archive footage. Show all episodes.

Show all 26 episodes. Marine Life Interviews Video short Destiny voice, uncredited. Show all 8 episodes. Show all 10 episodes. The Story of Brenda Q Becky as Kaitlin Olsen. Show all 6 episodes.

Show all 14 episodes. The Mick TV Series co-executive producer - 17 episodes, executive producer - 8 episodes, - The Teacher Show all 25 episodes. Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series. Please Leave a Message After the Theme Herself - Special Guest. Edit Personal Details Publicity Listings: Edit Did You Know? They are able to argue and listen to each other without getting defensive Child's father is her husband, Rob McElhenney. The Watchlist With Kay Cannon. Audible Download Audio Books.

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