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I am fighting the fight of my life for the second time in three and a half years and if they are uncomfortable with a chemo-induced bald-headed woman, they'd best hope they never have to experience cancer themselves.

I tried the wig route, but hated it. Bandannas were my best friend. You're right though, baldness on a woman makes some folks very uncomfortable. My ex-boss was one of them! The funniest was my autistic kid, who is non-verbal. I would go bald at home, but wear bandannas in public. The ex played in a band, and wore a wild, curly wig My autistic kiddo went and got his Dads costume wig and brought it to me!!!

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My prayers are with you. Inner beauty supersedes baldness every time. Adding you to my prayer list. I just had a real close brush with bald. I lost about three quarters of my hair from starvation. I didn't much like it, and don't, but had it gotten any worse, I would have just gone ahead and shaved it down. I do have one recent pic up with it as it is. And likely made some of the bows they make for bald baby girls which I was.

No use fighting what is -- ruins your day. It's growing back now, and is a bit curlier than what I lost, and it's going to take years to forever to get back to where it was. I've met men who believe I'm sexy with the bald head. It is a man's preference to date a bald woman.

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I've been shaving my head for about 7 years now. Get the sex change taken care of first My ex had alopecia, and wore a wig most of the time, but in private time she took it off. Lots more face to kiss.. I would date a bald woman again. I find bald women to be so sexy. I only wish more women would give this look a try.

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I am looking for a sweet bald girl to date and hope it will lead to more. Bald women are so seductive and exotic. I would think they would get way more dates. I love bald women. Ok as a man I admit that I am strongly visually stimulated and it is strong drive but it is not the only drive for me.

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Some one that is a kind person gets huge points and someone that is very smart gets really big points. Many years ago while I was an undergrad student in second year accounting I made friends with a balding girl.

From the very front she looked normal but the top and back she was clearly balding like a middle age man. She was very popular and her baldness did not seem to hold her back at all.

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Well one day the prof announces some very bad news. Our class was randomly selected to take the full cpa exam despite the fact we were only second year students. Our prof was a very cool guy and declared this was completely unfair and he was going to the Dean about getting it stopped. He could not do it as it was someone above the dean was forcing the issue, someone with accreditation. He did strongly imply that we should cheat and bring notes and he would look the way as best he could.

Well my friend had a plan and said to show up early monday morning and all would be ok. She would not tell us what she was doing only that she was going to fight fire with fire. As I said she had many friends and her male baldness certainly did not hold her back one bit. Over the weekend on of friends in low places janitor had located the test and turned it over to her and she had made all of her friends copies. She was even more popular after that quick thinking stunt! I freely admit that even at my current age I would be embarrassed to have a bald spot because it seems like a loss of self control and that is something I am sensitive about..

But can you imagine having one in your early 20's and being a woman at that.

Men, would you date a bald woman? I am new here and not even sure I am posting this correctly, but I really want honest answers. I am female, 36, with alopecia since I was This has taken quite a toll on my self esteem. I'm so afraid of rejection I remained a virgin until last year. I wear bonded hair and most people don't know about my condition. However, when you're up close and intimate he did ask and I called them "extensions".

The I broke up with him rather than reveal the truth I am bald on top. Now I am afraid to date. I cannot imagine telling a man this and not having him run away. So I am actually considering being alone for good instead. If i do date should I mention right away so no false advertising?? So confusing and disheartening and I hate myself that I think I'm less than over some damn hair. If you can get your hands on some nioxin hair and skin pills, I highly recommend it.

Nothing helped my hair grow back faster than that. I used to work at a gas station. One day a customer left a thumb drive on the counter when they left. So I set it aside and wait for them to come back. Both me an the girl I was working with want to take it if it's unclaimed, and one day isn't enough time for it to be considered unclaimed.

Anyway we decided whoever won would take the USB drive. It's was a close race but in the end, I won. I take the thing home, pop it in the computer and it's full of bald girl porn. Just a bunch of stills of nude girls with no hair. This wasn't at home amateur stuff either. It was fancy artsy type stuff. This was many years ago. I didn't know until that day that bald girl porn was a thing. I'd be fine with it.

I wouldn't blurt it out as the first thing you say on a date, but mention it sometime before things get to the point where there is a chance they will notice.

Better for you to know early if it's going to be an issue. I was doing online dating before and wondered if I should just include a "natural" pic in my profile as well as bonded? The they would know and I wouldn't have to say it? I think that's a great approach. There more you can own your situation or at least convincingly pretend to , the less put off other people will be. Perhaps a picture with a flock of wigs and a comment like "So, what will my head be wearing today?

I think that a very large amount of potential partners will be completely fine with you being bald, but they may be put off by your insecurity about it. And since the only way to get rid of that insecurity is to find a way to give yourself positive experiences related to it, the best approach is likely to pretend to not be insecure, even if your brain is screaming at you.

Obviously just my, completely subjective, perspective. I don't know shit about you, so this is just speculation: I will have to think of something witty like that. I guess I should clarify I don't have wigs laying around.

I get bonded hair that is glued and stays permanently attached for about 5 weeks and I then get it reglued. So if I had a boyfriend he probably wouldn't ever see me bald, but i wanna guy who if I decided to quit wasting money on hair, he would love me anyway. Ahh, I missed the "semi-permanent hair" bit. I guess it's just hard for a fag like me to imagine anyone not eagerly jumping on a chance to change hairstyle on a whim: As far as the "faking confidence" thing goes, I'd suggest looking for a good cognitive therapist to help plan an approach.

It can be really hard to find a useful perspective on your own, so having a partner to help plan out the best way to create positive situations and experiences, which will in turn feed into a positive loop that will build confidence, will likely cut many many years off the process. If you're not familiar with the model then there's a sort of decent wikipedia article on it. At its most basic, the idea is that every bit of your behaviour is connected, and by identifying and changing parts of this "chain", you also change the parts that follow.

It's a pretty logical concept, but it can be really hard to apply it alone, as an outside perspective is often massively useful for finding the best places to make changes.

Plus, the professionals working with the model have a fuckload of experience with useful exercises and methods, where you'd have to build these from scratch if you do it alone. Best of luck to you, girlie. I think your overall approach to this seems pretty healthy and constructive. I can certainly understand the challenge and the frustration, but it seems to me that you're approaching it in a very positive and deliberate way.

Props on taking responsibility for your own happiness. That's the single most important step. And in many cases it's also the hardest. Chin up; you're awesome! I don't care about my internet points, but as I'm legitimately trying to be helpful it would be kind of nice to at least get an explanation for why this apprarently wasn't helpful.

Are you talking to me about the down vote??? I don't know what that means. If I did that, I'm sorry if I clicked something. I am confused by the site.

I do appreciate your comments and find all of you very helpful: I don't know who I'm talking to. The post got a downvote a few minutes after I made it and I was curious why, as I'm being much less of an asshole than usually: If it was you messing around with the interface and clicking random stuff then no harm, and if it was someone else getting their knickers in a twist over my language or something, then it bothers me even less: And it's great that you can use the feedback you're getting here.

Maybe include a jokey caption to show that you don't take it super seriously. After seeing Karen Gillan bald, absolutely. Black women and men can somehow easily pull it off unlike us uncool white people, but Gillan nailed it here's proof.

Now to make some distinctions: Plus, as most of us know, it's not on what's the outside that truly counts - the best stuff is all internal: I agree the heart matters most, but I'm a girl.

I know men are more visual. And yeah if I was black I don't think it would bother me, but I am a Latina mixed breed and my family was always weird about the females hair and we weren't allowed to cut it or anything. I think it ingrained in my head that it's of such importance. I'm definitely more visual. I get the whole kind of family thing though, but if you wanted to shave it off go for it. It's dead cells anyway, who gives a crap?!

If anyone kicks up a stink that's their problem not yours! I'm attracted to bald women, but I'm fairly sure I wouldn't mind the baldness even if it wasn't my thing. It feels like hair is such a sign of femininity, I get in tears over lacking it. What if I came to terms with my hair loss and no longer wore wigs?

Then is that a deal breaker? I loathe the money I spend on it. Personally I'm attracted to bald women not wearing wigs. There's a certain attitude that I get from it like "I'm so feminine I don't even need hair. Just look at my beautiful face and how feminine it is. I knew a girl in HS who was bald and just wore bandanas and flowers and stuff, and from time to time I still think about how beautiful she was. Wouldn't be a deal breaker for me.

If you have the confidence to go bald and be happy with it then all the power to you! People with "handicaps" tend to over emphasis the "handicap". It's not like all you are or ever be is a bald gal, I'm fairly sure there's a lot more in you than the alopecia. If someone doesn't like you because of that one thing it's more their problem than your problem. It's not just marketing. Women are well aware that many men like women with longer hair or at least some kind of decorative hair style.

She is better off with this kind of advice than the sugary "a guy will be attracted to you no matter what"--that sounds good the internet but the dating world is less forgiving. Women's hair often signals their femininity to other men and on the whole does contribute to their overall attractiveness.

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  1. It's a pretty logical concept, but it can be really hard to apply it alone, as an outside perspective is often massively useful for finding the best places to make changes.

  2. I would like to find someone to share things with, learn new things together, and share love together. I do appreciate your comments and find all of you very helpful:

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