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Scoring big on online dating: Expert tips give singles a winning edge

If you want to get lucky in love, it's better to go with the screen name AdorableAnnie, rather than ZoltantheDestroyer. That and other insights come from a large new review of online dating tactics and their success levels. It's best to survey the pickings on a dating site before committing to that service.

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Instead, people tend to register for a site, and then check out their options. This means they may miss the chance to find the site that offers them the best matches, Khan said. As more and more people find love online , the art of dating has become a science, with data scientists poring over millions of fleeting interactions.

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For the current study, the motivation was personal: Sameer Chaudhry, an internist at the University of North Texas in Dallas, was having no luck finding love online. So he looked to his friend Khan, whose research focuses on aggregating scientific data to figure out the best practices in health care systems, to help him figure out what he was doing wrong. Khan and Chaudhry searched the literature for studies on attraction and persuasion, including studies that specifically focused on online dating.

The duo decided to focus on 86 studies that looked at how often an initial contact that two people made online translated into face-to-face meetings. The researchers found that people whose screen names started with letters in the first half of the alphabet got better responses — the effect almost as strong as that of posting an attractive photo.

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It's not clear why this might be, but other studies have found that people whose names start with letters early in the alphabet tend to have more education and higher incomes, or it may have to do with a quirk in how search results are displayed, the researchers speculated.

In addition, screen names containing a negative word, such as "Bug" and "Litter," went over more poorly than those with generally positive connotations, such as "Fun2BeWith," according to the findings. The team also found that the men in the studies were more drawn to screen names that highlighted looks , with monikers such as "Cutie," while women responded more to names highlighting intelligence, with words such as "Cultured.

People also liked easy-to-understand language in a profile. Overall, women were drawn to bravery and risk-taking rather than kindness in males, while men sought physical fitness in women.

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Photos that show a dater amid a group of friends — possibly even touching another person's upper arm — also do well, the researchers found. For example, pick a user name that starts with letters in the first half of the alphabet—A through M seem to up the odds. A profile all about you might come across as self-absorbed. As for photos, previous studies suggest a genuine smile and a slight head tilt will boost your appeal.

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And group photos that showcase the fact that other people have fun around you are a good thing—especially if you're in the center of the shot. The researchers also write that women find men more attractive when they see other women smiling at him.

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Although my unscientific poll of a few female friends revealed that shots of other women smiling at you might be a no-no. Last piece of advice—everyone thinks they're special.

Online Dating Strategies

So don't just wink, or write "nice profile. One of the more bizarre suggestions in that vein is to use rhyming in your note to a potential date.

If her username is "fitandattractive," for example, the authors suggest writing that you're "very adaptive. Choosing a user name starting with a letter appearing earlier in the alphabet is just one scientifically vetted way to increase the odds of turning an online encounter into a first date.

Gone are the days when people meet randomly and start to date each other. Now is the generation of online dating, where people meet each other on online dating websites or social media and date each other online and only then they start to date each other in real. But as the crowd on these sites is also very large, sometime it get difficult for some people to get a date even online. So, the strategy for online dating, also matter sometimes.

Your profile picture should be good- The first thing anyone check about you online will be your profile picture. Always use the best of your picture.

It should not be modified much. Make it as simple as possible. Present your pic in the same way as you are. Put a smiling pic on your profile picture. Communication- Always talk very generously to anyone you meet online. This goes for the real life as well.

You should have courtesy and professionalism in talking style. But, also remember that show yourself in the way you really are.

Apps these days now allow real time chatting like video chatting. Your communication should be at least polite enough that the other person get impressed by your talking style.

Aware of fake profile- There are millions of users of these online dating sites and social media, but there are also thousands of fake profile on these sites. After sometime they ask for money to their victims by telling them about some emergency. Also sometimes some stalkers use this fake profile to stalk people. Never give money to the person you are dating online. Like message continuously, staying online every time, replying instantly, these things can show you as a desperate person.

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