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Biggest and Best EDM Festivals [2017]

With rock music, a spent force, EDM is now the genre that leads the world in terms of live events and concerts.

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Where once rock bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, Metallica and others gave some epic live performances at gigs that have gone down in music legend, today collectives and DJs like Tiesto, deadmau5, Hardwell, Armin Van Buuren and others are major crowd pullers with fans numbering in the thousands, turning up at gigs and music festivals the world over.

Unlike a rock concert, the quality of sound, when played live does not vary at all, considering that the music per se is computer generated and therefore sounds just the same. EDM is an all encompassing and inclusive music scene and almost all genres of music can combine near seamlessly to form a cohesive sound. EDM festivals, like the music itself , attract a weird, eclectic and happy group of people and take place in the unlikeliest of places and create a vibe of trip-happiness that needs to be experienced to be believed.

Located 16 miles from the diamond capital of the world, Antwerp is the town of Boom. Today is a gift.

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Not in the least bit sinister, but weird and trippy are two words that come to mind. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Tomorrowland in , the event was held over two weekends and July and the crowd turnout was unprecedented.

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Nearly , people from all over the world attended. Since its inception, Tomorrowland has always drawn the most sought after EDM musicians. Started in to acknowledge EDM as a growing art form, the movement has gone global with the festival now being organized at multiple venues across the world. Miami, with its natural flamboyance, verve and multiculturalism lends itself brilliantly to the EDM movement.

All inclusive and happy in nature, the genre of music and the host city meld together perfectly to make one weekend in December a particularly trippy and happy one.

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Held at the massive Bayfront Park, in downtown Miami, Ultra Music festival brings together people and acts from around the world. If you want to chart the growth of electronic dance music in the States, you need to only follow the growth and spread of the Electric Daisy Carnival. Instituted in , Sunburn has now become a must stop on the international EDM tour calendar, not just for the music, but for the place and people too.

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Goa has always been one of the world's counter-culture capitals and its association with music goes back decades to the hippies who discovered it in the s as a virginal beach paradise. Sunburn takes these hippy roots and lends to it a 21st century flavor in terms of both scene and sound. Since , Goa has become synonymous with Sunburn and has chronicled the exponential growth of the EDM scene in the Indian subcontinent as well.

The edition is slated to be held in late December and there are murmurs of it being the largest Sunburn so far, with more than , record people expected to attend. One of the largest music festivals in the genre outside of Europe, Movement has been a showcase to the immortals of the EDM movement.

Artists like the reclusive Moby, Fatboy Slim, Ministry of Sound, Paul Oakenfold, Flosstradamus, 69 and a number of others have displayed their mettle here to millions of fans from around the globe.

Add to the lure of the festival, the culturally diverse motor city of Detroit, Michigan.

10 Biggest EDM Festivals In The World

Some excellent fast food, a vibrant street art and culture scene and a budding theatre district, and you have yourself a great destination to visit as well. Whatever happens Down Under, is more often than not, a big surprise. From the Australian Open and The Australian Grand Prix in sports to the surprising array of wildlife in nature, the scene in Australia is always one of spectacle and showmanship. Underground house and bass parties don't get better than Eastern Electrics' showpiece annual event at Hatfield House.

Scattered with creative features like pillow-fighting and an all-new woodland rave area, it's a sure bet if more mainstream dance music isn't your thing.

Beautifully tucked away inside Bygrave Wood, Farr Festival transforms the magical woodland into an electronic haven, taking festival-goers on a journey through house and techno to their utopia of the freshest electronic sounds in the scene today.

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Mixed into this adventure are film screenings, fairground rides and other mysteries, hidden away amongst the forest. Pioneers and current stars of techno, house, EDM and bass arrive in the eastern outskirts of London in their droves, but the festival's eye-catching main stages steal the show every time. Carving out space for itself in central London, South West Four rubs shoulders with the very biggest dance festivals in the world. Unexpected back-to-back sets have come to be an SW4 calling card, and at more than artists over two days the sheer scale is impressive enough on its own.

The UK's oldest and most prestigious dance event can pack its lineup with the very biggest acts in world electronic music, year after year. Junction 2 Festival London, United Kingdom.

Cocoon in the Park Leeds, United Kingdom. Eastern Electrics London, United Kingdom.

Farr Festival Baldock, United Kingdom.

With 16 stages and the festival grounds dripping in themed decor, the production is unparalleled to any other festival in the world. The festival is held during the annual Winter Music Conference, which hosts events with every DJ from around the world. Just outside of Amsterdam, this Netherlands festival has an array of creatively designed stages that come alive at night, including a Q-dance stage.

Their signature Endshows will flood all of your senses and undoubtedly leave you wanting more. The festival is held annually in Daresbury, England and boasts huge LED screen stages, star studded lineups, and multiple silent discos.

Each year Goa, India hosts their premier electronic music event that brings massive crowds and international DJs together. Beautifully designed stages accompanied by A-List lineups and a beachside venue makes this festival one of the best in its field.

Dance fans across the globe gather in different cities at the end of July each year to celebrate their united love of music. This winner of multiple festival awards always offers a full lineup and with wide variety of genres. This cutting edge experience combines citywide main stage and smaller venue performances from your favorite DJs with elements of trade shows, professional conferences, and the classroom.

Sonar Day will take you on an informative journey through music technology followed by an evening of musical wonderland with Sonar Night. Emergency provisions await you all over the playa.

Dreamy photographs from Europe's current festival hot spot. Carnival rides, elaborate stages, and an extravagant fireworks display await you.

It's a reminder that a festival's heart and soul starts with us, the festies. Does Size Really Matter? Festival season is in full swing and electronic dance music fans all over the world are uniting to celebrate their love of music.

Here are our Top 10 picks for the best EDM festivals in the world. Did your favorite make the list? Stories You May Like. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

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